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Thursday, December 22, 2011


spherical aberrations in this underground lair
full of mirrors to snag yourself upon
wormholes to wander around...
"trip the void" whispers the crowd
though a heart moves on.
blonde bombshells rain upon this eastern flatlines
my mindseye wanders hand in hand with yestertimes
new moons of a horizon
clandescent interface...after the raid,beers...
change...we hear it takes years...
but hours is ours.
three cheers for drum rolls,though my mind is a
labyrinth with a minatour inside.
and bells toll,but I am not alive.
dead along with this head
my ego & I.
along with the trash I threw to the side/
earthly desires.
she is in my mind.
but its more pleasent then grime
and this grind
is old
so it kicks my heart which sends a twitch as soon she starves me from her mind
but will collapse in each others arms
and life
we'll start up anew.

or not.

and those are the truth.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


champagne snowfall on this capitol hill apartment
christmas in the city.
ghosts roam the park,
my heart is a bubling cauldron
cigarettes are inhaled by counterparts
and the stale thoughts I keep thinking finally get blurted out amongst the coughs...
this mouth,
my greatest enemy.
these fingers,
the accomplicess that lead...
feed me..
sea to sea,
jesus...sway me
I cant complain
my midwest darling is a mermaid...strange,I can barely swim...or break the waves
friends and realitives all grow up quick,me ive been the same since the gardens kinder...tender in love...
ill tell the story of why this makes since...what it means in the grand scheme of thinking.
as for now I wence,and dig my back into the ground for more footing..
Ive seen the effect of bliss
shits a trip
the only fear I have now is my trembiling lips
that theyll betray me to the only thing thats ever been worth thinking
lately she invades each synaptic relay
in the most beautiful way
I see her in the foliage
but such is the
scheme of things.

until the musics older

that thin blue line over the mountain signals the solistice
unexpected,ive become some what of a legend trapped in this coma
roaming and rambling,keeping up with my payments to satan
famous,he goes by slave,brave name for a traitor
and threw meditation I've received favors
and perceived on diffrent astrial planes,
so its safe to say that ive been greater
and I simply embrace pain.


Inside of this brain is the child in my eyes
"grow up,embrace the change"
but I smile..
our redemption
I've heard,
is also our demise.
...oh If I could get lost in the cosmos
and super massive black holes
then this solitary life would spent carving words into soft cedar pine
on a desk of mahogeny oak.
stained by sweat and the emotions Ive held inside since I was 7
and I came to grips with time
starting down the baptismal alter of the old catholic church
those cathardic ruins
trapped in my spine
deep grey stone in canpoy green
kalideiscope light
and in the misma of the steam
as my brain screams,and my body is reemed threw galactical portals
it occurs to me
but you can never be strong
you can only be free

Sunday, November 27, 2011


I wrote your name with every lightning bolt and thunderous crackle
from every storm that blew in over this pacific seaboard from offshore
this summer was spent in a perpetual haze,that has hastely given way to more serious
If fangs you see,then i shall leave...every action by ones self cant be seen fully
in their own depth...leaving the convinced,often in disbeleif.
death...its timeless and draining,most of the things we think do or say have us
complaing,claiming to be trapped like mental slaves...
so onto the drug stores...or back to the back woods
try to snag a bible and some tranquiliuzers,
myself,just a nap
I'am no diffrent,if not so more lost...Its hard to recover from a seaon abroad
so the only options are giving up
or going furthur.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


some times the most pivitol moments are digital
rituals become stipulations in relationships when meniscule feelings are foreboading
I was roaming the streets of Athens one morning when I realized I loved her
and that the whole experience was foreshadowing...but what...
as maddning as it seems,I felt my actions were extreme
I simply had to evacuate the scene...for my say the least...
god complexes manifest in those with improper philosiphy...philianthropy...
beleif and moral structures, and true realizations of being
treason of ones own soul is as low as neglect of kinfolk,untold troubles unfold
Ive learned first hand,but they know I take these footsteps to become a better man
to become the sensai I as a boy longed for...but there were countless souls who helped shape and mold...and there will be more...tis a blessing an' a curse..
first off,off top,my motto used to be stomach rot with cough syurp and anti anxiety
drugs,no hugs,the love came from the perscriptions I hid in the candy jar atop my dresser drawer...fucked up shit is I had it since I was a kid...full circles will twerp that old mind a yours...send you to go blow more of mommy and daddys income they worked so hard for..
fuck it..pawn the stero...
pawn the drum kits,laptops & televisions. skip your online classes.
diffrent cities can be full of children just as lost as your head is
some lose their "ours" or "mines"
mine was a struggle of the mind.
time after time I speak realitivly sound sentences,but in this brain theirs minutes when I feel I could be in peril of giving in...
getting up was a struggle...even when the skyline of the city that I find peace in was the only thing in my eyeline...I honestly went to the mile high to die...but threw that I found life..though that was the road...and though it isnt much it is my home...the place where my soul is free like the albatros...gliding with his interlocked wings atop the jet stream..or if these walls could scream
theyd tell the story of a man with nothing but time on his hands
comprising a scheme that could be the end of him
but then again,it all ends...and to have some control in this life is nice...but to live it like youve never seen daylight..well...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I keep feinding for
light streams threw each crack in the blinds...
I find the nights are not as it seems
we kept our toes in seprate oceans
seperated only by distance &
connected frontol lobes...
or at least mine searching for
fine words for normal hearts who have not a concept of NEED...
wanted faults slowly flaunt in the face of knowledge...
for I have a desire that
speechs barely do
imagery becomes suspect when your words cant cover the circumfrence
the scale of her love..
I lust to hear her words...
to be in her presence
is all


com trueisn
usin bruises as excuses to prove usefull to fail proof movements,
however foolish it is I find I have the tendencies of a ruthless tyrant
relentless and tirelessly spiked by all the anphedamines I mouthed off
sound proof...
compiled desires
and all the quilting square is in my wallet
thats for my head
dont you dare go and knock it
but goin broke is not an option
the same as goin home
to some.
at least the preaching let some belif in,
I hadent grown weary to ALL
the residents drank like it was the weekend
and we spend...spun...
the rest of the night in clear sin
reprhinsinble actions
with no spin.
turns to nose goes
dilatonts to
and as far as a stones throw
the wind blows
the ITs known
but never is
IT shown/
like the calls werent enough
we let the metal alloy rust until we werent partial...
it was like waking up 2000 years from this present moment
with only a token of what once
I think the triangles in the atmosphere signled I was home
or the heavy breathing...
or when she looked into my soul...
the morning.

Friday, November 18, 2011

F L O S S I N ?

in the cheeseburger nebula
GRIMETIME LIVE for the motherfuckin THRILL of it
a glass FULL of scotch and a cigar full of indica
toasten to them kids whom y'all rarely ever figure OF
dont speak a sentence,simp,let the blimp roll into vision
"the world is yours..."
...then why them jawns rarley mention it?
I find static is a hard base to give credit too//where credits due
once its envaded vessles,its like bids become limitless and truths becomes
pesos breakin sightlines like vandals learnin virtues under lamposts...
hands open.eyes focused,letting youth roll by while manifesting a new opus..
bogus honeys think Im talkin showbiz,haha no no lovelys....
im talkin locust.plauge type spit.mixin loaded frontol lobe LOVE potions//limbic system keep me in and out of polepositions,
lest I mention
only rorshacks keeps me focused...I know my no-no'z
dope keeps me bloated,bro... then phantom aka GHOSTz
hard to fathom the drastic measures taken to the
breakin,no fakin,to many stipulations gone get you messed UP
fuckin BASE LOVE.
heard lakes make great make shift graves,FAKE-UHS!
constantley elevating.consitently relating it to elievating while displacing these old brain waves pacings
and im off in my


its like I see universes sway


I dont feel infuriated

nor am I less blessed by the trust nor the scrutinu
its like my kids are in my head tellin me to RUN THAT SHIT.
and I roam by the moon light
talkin how I spoke that BIZ..
now I spoke my set..
and I loc'd that trip..
no training,just how I



Saturday, November 12, 2011

fine dining

the smoke billows from this old cannibus pipe
I cant help but feel alive on such a night like tonight
at times I find the desire arent of the leaf but the taste of fire
wire tap to wire tap I hear ten digits offer centerfolds
and smile louder as the counter measures break
and are placed gently in the bellows
my slow roll is stunted by the alarm of thine undertones
who beckons for the generation of graves left hanging on the gallows
brave young minds tormented by collapse and radical fathoms
the facts? the broken focus is written in the breaks of the stanzas
heavy hands spin heavy hearted banter
fellow mantras fell in order,but the luminescense spoke its cander
and like dander the generation moved with each scratch and dance step
gobbling each scrap like a one legged lab rat
mathematical attractions spoke facts but left paths factioned
for minds to spin like rollercoasters and battle axes
raddled blasts found sound reason in the logical deduction of mass
reducing outcomes
but greif of the soul told no lie that could exact the facts
saturated by the nuances our young hero stepped back..
then took his time dismantiling each camp...
rebuilding them seizure by annurisum.
**watch your back**


hercualean peace offerings of smoke
to these droolin medusas
provin every once in a while night skys are worth
im seeing movements with my eyes stiched
sippin outta dis glass chalice
seeing fragments of thoughts in the counter balance
helplessly rallying these malice hearts in patterns of tramp stamps along magnefiecence,claims of the feat..
some call it shelter,I call it promise and hope of limitless talent
back out in this red planet full of falicy,
I only have the capicity to fathom masterpeices.
preach to street brats with bleech in their anal cavity
prophicies which point to how
operate,disorientate...such great faith fate has graced upon
move in unison,found is common ground amongst the weeds
leave not death upon
or life
becomes breif
What the MAFUCKIN problem
me and my chariots frolic-in
treatin kids like models
smashin mandolins over bashful
straight mobbin em.
such sins may offend ceartin EHEM
in reality they should comend that these tactics that have been recently implimented
and marvel at how easy it gets lost in the divedends
listen in
or learn how tragedy is just an act of fate sneakin in
even when
mimics are like synics and or systs once you gig em you must drain them
out of commishin or deal with
fame is
if its the only thing you came here for
bore me with your stories of your mansions or your chains
and toys.
boys and girls be filled with no regret or
training for deploy.
material things are simply only skin deep
fevers that will burn out with each brand new alloy
reasons over logic is frivilous in several causes
take pauses and seek accomplishments
compliment those you love and
seek hands to help you up
this is not preaching,but just a plee from your fellow bRUH
Im havin a bad day too
lets try and end
that sadness,
radd to the
in this earthly palace.

in the hour

I feel like Im chasing a unicorn
a dragons to harsh
Itd be a farce to claim
so I opened this heart
spoke thoughts on a larger scale
then previously marked
by demons nor angels
no discipline sought

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


2 weeks left.
theres a strange mexican man In my apartment..
no worries though,
hes fixing the light fixtures...
I want to lament to him,
tell him all my sins..
just for the simple fact he'd have trouble answering them,
I mean shit
I am.
now and then I take walks to clear my
break down weed in the bathroom of CVS's
roll doobies,and blaze until Im restless
check out the pretty cashiers with excuses to look at their chestis
just a good customer gathering names before exchanging look
& lessons
festivities are belittled by their close friends text messages
like who he be,
what he think.
what he look like
messy bitches,been hurt by to many "friends" who gained benifits
at moonlight.
tripe,I find psychotropic drugs keeps me free of never being hugged...freinds turn to fucks...some even say they
but the only thing that comes true,is zonein out/
developing new blue prints
not a bad thing...shit
lovers need touch at the in and out..
paitence with your youth or you could be overstating wishful truths..
like MOST people really care for you
lotta of the time its for the loot,
proof is in the tools I use
smiles and a good heart...and the ability to be hungry
without starving.
to need nothing but ears and an open heart,maybe a blanket
and a peice of carpet.
youll find out who your kinfolk is
just be open to the mimics,
the time spent
in limitless reformation of all you had been taught
because you learn it threw diffrent lessons
when you deduce with thought

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

shut up

tore a page out of the Bible,Koran,Torah and The Art of War
rolled it up into a HUUUUGE joint..
lets roll!
(chapter 4:
hatins overated...
bass keeps me elevated.
venaculars spectacular
manors of a dilatont...err,gureilla war lord..
but its faith thats got me alleviated
its trust thats got me lusting for more..
I used to face court dates with sedation
divine intervention told me to stray
forget some you love.....
I sway with the currents of the placement of my physical manifestation
& Im compelled by a deep yearning to be placed in presence
forward I march...on this trail of tears,cheers,regret and fear
only TRUTH seems overdue
but more so

Monday, November 7, 2011


cold hard facts

toothless spirits with ruthless truth

spittin old world relics


I thought my lessons were over

when in fact they've just

sailed off into a


I feel like a shogun.

Im used to havin my nose run,

face numb.

shows how fun the times been..

more keep

a slight buzz keeps me at

arms lenth..

far away from your thoughts

under a symphony of car alarms,

I nod off.

but these docks sway to the sounds of distant horns

and the winds kiss is colder then one would have ever known

unless experiencing it by ones self


the morning is not far


but theres no way I could doze off...

so I walk down the boards to end thought...sad moments lost in private...

but exploding starlight starboard gave hint that this night could hold more

mean more

so I tore thew city streets until the sky had become a bore

and I realized the light of the stars had all been seen before

in diffrent universes

on diffrent planets

with souls much like ours

wondering if theres hope in the universe

and why its all so



I sip outta this glass chalice
seeing fragments of thoughts in the counter balance
rally these malice hearts in patterns of tramp stamps along magnefiecence
some call it shelter,I call it promise and hope of limitless
back out in this red world full of falicy,
I only have the capicity to fathom masterpeices.
preach to street brats with bleech in their anal cavity
prophicies which point to how WE
operate,disorientate...such great faith fate has graced upon
move in unison,found is common ground amongst the weeds
leave not death upon
or life
becomes breif


speak without feeling
my meanings are peaceful in this world of
& greiving
I imagine things could be worst
there could be a thirst for the unimaginitive
grand scheme of feeling is
the picture is beset in all bisects
equivalent in the

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Been gettin to HIGH
fly by,
lie down.
my eyes are toast,shhhiii,
we GHOST and roam
about town.
prehistoric get down
mamed &
sodomized by...sincerely...
a "pal".
we got to roastin them polarizing figures I get eye
while downtown.
triggering psychoactive flash backs
leads to vertigo
and meltdowns/
I stabbed wildly with a ball point pen
been usen these sentences as hells bells and failed attempts to speak out
clearing cobwebs in this dark head
powered by blows to the
now and then
with women Ive laid next to
I strive for peace in this exsitence.
gloat and float on pires of them incenerated frontol lobes
douced in glitter &
barbed wire.
I took a plier to my skull
fell apart in group,
found a miracle in failed tale of
spent the rest of the evening wallowing in
playing high stakes game of poker..
full of suprises a demise
can be
or it can be exactly as it
little extreme to get a point across.
then come discuss topics devoid of
I hope you can re teach my rhetoric
left alone
stars are aligned like lines of
catch focus.
dont get swallowed by the swarm of
locust...their brand names...their media circus.
Id hate to see a promising destiny prove bogus.
cheers to the
I speak only in opus

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I had some visions of holy places we must visit
coincidently I feel youve seen them in your dreams in segments
I need to see you to be in your presence
but Ill take my time as Im taught new lessons
blessings happen
fact is I met you
some how smiles can save lives
others can spell doom
im swept away on currents
with a soul found on mushroomes
zoom,I flutter as Im spooked by the rule
ruthless RIPs
rest in bits
shes got a beauty that I would love to death
I will see her again,and when I do it will be the end
which in my head is the most beautiful begining

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


perfect timing,
writings on the wall..
were redefinig grimey
with every masquerade ball.
follow the wallows,sorrow & laughter of the joker
focus your energy on defining purpose
words come after
except for me words come before,I learn slower
or so I was told
maybe I wasnt meant to do well in school
its cool
I manifest well
my soul is gold
bold is my mouth
it needs trouble
but shit I need her love
and I aint been here long
but back
back across this continet
skimming over home
this time I need to do what Ive always felt should be done


Its nice to hear voices
its better to see faces
basically this life has got me chasin
grandioso dreams of grand central station
Ft worth will always be where I was raised,day after day it hints to my
nofarious ways
notrious case maker
laker hater
agoraphobic risk taker
I still have only cried at one
fate has a funny way of playing favorites
pay rates fluxuate
I used to self medicate
now I do push ups until my body aches
I feel the fake rushing away
I understand the grand scheme of things
at least how I figure
Figure I should have took bigger chances,faster banter with who what when
whys,I stammer and ramble in danger and famen
but its my smile that people believe in.
after all sanity,often times,is a verb
and I only asked for rest and
classic formalitys of falicies in this intrecet net weve weaved
it seems my steps are the only thing guiding me
that and
alpha centauri
on this sfari
Ive tangoed with the
my demise came at the end to the path of light
I can never let go
always hold on,strongolds of this leather bound life
strife is the price
I now accept that all things grow old
all things

Monday, October 31, 2011


grind till I get it
battle tested vetran
fact is
im fuckin RADical when it comes to buis-ness
trick is,
dealin with tricks who interfere in
timely manners/
striken fear with manners.
steer clear
as weird as finding your
digits missing.
other way around says this dead
heads bliss
fed lies,
fed lust. threw it up
drank that up
back into the ring,flexed my nuts
proceeded to gut
found out life isnt all pretty
I bleed when she cums,
on my knees in my young
rest of the time Im just frolicking
dead man walking
balancing policy
rewinding all my thoughts
like chackras with two divergent spectrums
in lost worlds.


A fly little female
who dont dig retail
so vivacious and beautiful..I must be under
her spell.
I used max repel,
consequences detailed.
shes aint starved for attention,so lets begin this
for score and seven years ahead
no wishing wells,weding bells,just gin & some
fools gold is in the eye of the one who beholds
give em to get
oh kid,
youve just got to meet this one.
its so tough,cuz
it may be a century before our feet stop
stomping in and out of water on various beaches
leaves are turned in like shells of the sea,
dive down bellow where we need to be
I just have to let her know,my soul ends and begins with
but I can wait till the next life
if I have to.
I want to grow old with her
and let life begin every morning.
the award is some one

Sunday, October 30, 2011

part one

diggin in her hosery
unbenonced to me I was watchin local programming
foaming at the bit to get that ass somewhat close to me
jokes and drinks until those panties sink down way down below her knees
but mostley I just want her to notice me.
I nuzzle my nose to where its suppose to be
right behind her jawline and under her ear lobe softly
I can tell shes soaking
speak nothing but romance and passionate lust,I convince her to stroke me
this turns to me down south
getting drenched as she
winces and grabs at air,before pulling me up to my feet
turn around.touch your toes
feel how all these feelings go
passion grows,
shit but shes passed out,and Im up for more
out the door...liquor store

the rest

they asked me why I wasnt at church
I says,I got some shit to deal with first
we disperse and im left holding a thirst
it has to be quenched before I put this hurt into other words
or physically recreate all aspects of the agression
I digress because I find it hard to conduct elections
all worths or whats worse..
every forth breath is under scrutiny,it feels like this chest collapsed
and I'am in turn dealing with blunt force
shattered heads
severed checks
all things
that point to the antehisis of intellect
with all due respect I find it better when my mouth is closed and my eyes are kept
unaware from the weary
unbebounced to the lowly
flowing,copesetinc. its better to live now then to have never lived
beleiving thine self holy
fold me into a paper crane
set me on he gentle breeze of tomorrow
with the the currents of yesterday
I know whom I love,I know where I to fill in the rest
of the story

Saturday, October 29, 2011

elegant cosmos

elegant cosmos
keep your fables to a minimal,im figuring in the lavish things she spoke of
to mention,
it was all before I breathed out a cloud of lightning bolts,decided which coast to mozey on down
focusing all my energy on becoming the toast of the underground
but for other words,
im in another world
a ghost to my best pals for now
lay down..we're
finding allies on the road,
hopes of a technique so sound
I gave my self to the currents and Ive been washed ashore by those who were shown
better yet given a taste of
to new retribution of geometric ruin
economic institution
out loud,proud words found a home this mouth was ment to roast
individuals whos minimal convictions are simply traits of addiction and to cope
I spit riddilin,keep focused on my lip quivering
splintering off into seperate passages,I find hope is here again
mister,figure in thoughts of fissure
you get bigger in ego
limitless in the way I approach the truth,
I still,to this day,havent found one I love quite as much as you
poof...the proof is in the magic of finding my way to your doorstep
Ill be standing outside strumming a mandolin
daring you to share these steps
combo,now losts in the elegant cosmos.

ranger danger

The loss of a game can feel so great
expectations crumble with all these ball fours
I slide into bouts of depression while my
friends wander silently thinking
"theres always next more strike!
Ive heard it before.
Im finding out how a true fan is born
I have my Larry O' Stanley
my full hand of 'Boys awards..
but dear lord,
oh why
do you elude me world series,
why must my temple be baron
why must Josh pull his groin,
why must Ron pinch German
why couldent have CJ won the all star game...
these questions and more,as a whole winter looms
devoid of the association
I guess I have more important things to do
then cheer to loose
but Ill never give up,I believe we can win
the metroplex will only come back
daps and pounds to my kids,lets get some key free agents
get back to work

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


relentless in the dedication to exceptionalisim
this prison state
tear gas and rubber bullets are more so ways to demean..
I love that we
the meek,
think were winning..beleiving we can change
but were in the begining stages of
fighting tooth & nail
for decades
their arrogance in uncomprable
its fair to assume blood lust is somthing of a must
in the name of power
& secrecy
but dont shower your soul in it
dont give into the mold of infantry
smile as the blood drips from your sweet
lips,words of only peace and
but to be spineless
is mindless
even worse than the swords kiss.
know you dance on deaths door
depth unimportant
would your rather have a porsche
or freedom
free comes at a price,and it takes all side...this is not me against the country
though its checkered past I loathe..
this is about being able to hold my future daughters hand
and show her some beauty in the

I miss your words...well no...not really

she goes


Im like

put on this night gown

were down (more so I am..)

for whatever at the moment (her open mouth)

,but the focus is lost to the intermitten motion

Im concentrating on making love,

shes like a boat in the ocean

were floating on the currents of the chosen

but really those

whos closed eyes roar open

boastin on the trope

say nothing of value in refrence of ghosts

off top

I see nothing but love and devotion

strange my life moves in such serious ways. when I simply want smiles

hugs,plane tickets

& somthin for these weary muscles ( ;) )

catch me on the one ways

down to the run ways

no baggage to claim

its all tucked away in the things I say,these writings of mine

these times I gave a thought to

giving up

staring down at the street froma fourth story balchoney

I have to be trained in subconcience alchemy

because the outcome is all that matters to me

I will be remebered in time,because this spine is built of diamonds

and on the inside of this heart there is tidal

the waves pulse threw my body,and I grab my chest as my heart flutters



come together and dance in these bomb shelters

I see best when my eyes are closed...and my brain is melting


Note Of:Of Note

gimme a minute here..

If I wasnt so I high

,I wouldent be so hungry

home is where you make it,

so my home is in outerspace..

and theres no clear cut way for me to go back

visit for the holidays.

the price I pay,is really just a toll

crossing threw the open road,blowin dollars in hopes this frontol lobe

isnt scared


at some time I could go back If my thoughts depart

or become hollow

but no hopes in a stagnet reality,

ive set a bar,

I can never let my past better me

out muscle future goals,k

how can this grow

I feel like Burroughs

,assuming death at every corner

when in reailty Ill probally out live em all

balls to the celeing tile as blood cliff hangs this nose

caught by my tougne

,the taste is bitter

and sorrow follows

but I swallow my problems and chalk it up for the better ment of the soul

this brain is a sponge

,I was hoping several years ago it was full

but atthe moment I feel like I could run blindfolded threw taffic picking up quarters

I feel like a sorcerer with these words,

procuring moral obligations to get myself threw the morning

accompany me for coffee...lets mean the world to me.

and I mean that.

far off,

deep pause,

the claws dig deep in this palace of sorrow


fallen next to the wall

displeasure written on my smile

and to think

we only squabbled.

follow this up with a thousand bibles and you still wont have enough words

to accuratley defile


define the pillars of this life so far,

at the center of the labryinth a menataur


I free base the sun.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

face life

save the small talk,I found the fault in all of us
sprouted love from cut lips,broken wrists hanging on
these shattered bouts of agression have left an impression on
my cerebral cortex...
depression is a lesson in manifesting your destiny in the
truest sense
senseless acts of violence can befall such a hand...the one that feeds you
yet its in your command
by god its your demand
and where you land,to hell with the parachutes
Ive seen fathers lust over graves,I cant bare to see brothers befall
such small reasons,at least in the grand scheme of things
each season dosent bring fall.
appaled at the scope and
the strucutre
the infastructure is ruptured and on the verge of collapse
perhaps this is all preluding...perhaps its the institutions
or perhaps were doomed to repeat history
again and again
and again.
because in a hundred years from now my grandchildrens children will
be blundering idiots with no sense of self
of course this is without our help
for whom the bell tolls
the death toll will raise
I was fuiled with hate
and anger
now Im just in awe of the supremacy of the sway
& gentle motion of positive energy
and smiley faces
how they can rain on such sad parades.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


trampled on mostly.
I smile and boast like ghosts dont haunt me
im flaunting an eerie symbolence of calming
other worldly peace devoid of saultry;
hip twists and dips
her lips
pressed to my ear,whispering as we slowdance around each others prior commitments

"you have to follow your bliss"-

I just wonder if shes at the end.

my best friend...

refrences are countless,
love knows no bounds
and I am a walking
leather footed book.
living on prayers and an uncomprable arrogance
thats looming like lullabies I find entrusive to a good nights jest
my heart beats sweetly as her feet tred

she was elusive for years,but deep in my head.

shes seen my fears.
I would have given here tears if I was weaker,
but I was born to be a public speaker
and to meet when need be
in lifes steps.
I find peace

these sneakers are frequent in the miles they tred
spit lines so rhythmic youd swear there was a price on my head
but i was fed lies with my corn bread,and I wear this crown of thornes as a mask intended to show nothing
the only task I was fed is alarming
and 1 part finishe.

I will die when Im 88
with 50 theives
guarding my buissness

what that entails is endless.

it pays to be intense



intriquite in the way I reenact past visions threw pens with silly stanzas

splicing inticing findings in each sentence with witty banter

striving to be at the penicle of mediocre underdeveloped stylings.

wildin out,but what im finding now has got me believing..

an underworld full of kids ready to give their soul in hopes of making anothers life a tad less fleeting..with friends you always have a home. and friends youll always have a home with me..

well...the second I claim a dwealing

or figure what part of this country I can find some symbolence in..


I cry in these poems,

but my lines say Im invencible.

I find the long way back is the only one I belong on

a smile in my face and

my prose strong,

riddled with non-fiction

these blistered fingers are helping hands...why is it so hard to convey to these:

my "enemies".

I spin..

depths below a ceartin institution

a grimey reality full or ruthless aptitude and indignation

yet now my best friends departing out on missions of latitude for the grinning top percentange

trippy in to many fucking senses

I hope I dont know as I much as I feel in these bones

close my eyes,

I simply slide into beastmode


head to every city
with 25.50 in your pocket
acompanied by cigarettes and a plane
or bus ticket

find wisdom in every city
by spanging up meals and
washing them down with sidewalk whiskey
accompanied by bums in an alley.

see who youve been dreaming up
while youve been demeaning
your self esteem,greiving
on account you about run out of steam.

let it redeem who you want to be
find the clarity in the fair
im arrogant but
I came from humble beginings..and to be honest,im modest in my wages

its my brain I find confidence with

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


so im obliged to get as grimey as I desire.
tall tales are a hint to my stature,
I feel in fractured color pigments,
mild hallucenations of winding spirals,
shifting floor tiles,compiled desires...
the only resentment I carry is buried in my smile...
its filed inbetween meditation and this loose wiring
firing off words like I was poetic,it gets unnerving at times,waking up in diffrent settlements.
Dreaming of the next place I'll be stepping
then physically manifesting the setting
demeaning those who say it cant be done,giving hope to all the ones who cant come
saying fuck you to the establishment regardless of the outcome,
its all fun and games till someone ends up in correctional facilities
but thats why we rarely mention what were really involved in...
on and on the days tumble forward,and Im in hash & weed comas
smoking DMT before popping my last somas
every morning pounding mimosas..
back pack full of adderal and trazadone,just so I can sleep or move on...
fall is harsher on this side of the globe
even if its only a day from home...
but this road make sense for me to travel on,
and what justifys the facade of a clone...
that your told THIS is the place where your always welcome
but gosh
where else can I go?
I dont need these negative brainwaves
and suicidal talks that have gone on for far to many days...get some balls or fuck off
either way im not envolved..regardless of blood... or paperwork..
dosent mean theres no love,but if you cant love your self
how could someone else?
sometimes I feel like Im the adult...caught in between two schools of thought...
because most think im a canidate for brain
or crotch rot
truth is I fell off and I find it hard to get back on
I dont want to waste my days fucked up beyond concience
ive done that,
and some bids
really just to be in her presence is my bliss..but shes in the bahamas...and Im in southern cali,
soaking up the casualties...its funny to me
we met at a truck stop...and weve never stopped moving...
but my heart has been glued to you...
its kept me sane...honestly..
im tired of dealing with claims,blame and monitary off shoots
its polluting every facet of society
each screw is loose.
I hope the animals arent dieting...just sharpening their teeth
& smilng...because Im finding it hard not to RUN
turn these streets into municipal waste,face it,youll never be truly happy until you do your own tricks,split wigs and figure in apportiments that are appropriate figures for your buisness...but if your buissness is smiling...then your always wimpering,where is
the dog star...

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I can feel that drink at the bottom of my spine
time rewinds and Im caught
thinking of past life
smiles wide like it was last night
I made love for the first time.
eyes trimble in deep purple and whites
and still her wish comes at
each night.
Id like to be balls deep in her smile
better yet id like to paint her portait on every aisle
of every supermarket
this side of the nile.
file into arms like we could be mild in the way we charm
each other, every comfort
my brother
would even say ive lost it
but he tumbles...
and god loves us,
im told..
so ive been sold on the thought of you since I left home.
and I saw my first blonde
she had a jaguar heart...
but you were the second
so the first
and the rest were lost
I barely even talk since I walked threw those athens nights
away from the days that would make people trace their hearts
I fell victum
to how it should be...
your my love,and Im deep in ovaries
away from me
are single thoughts I think
but I know
you create diffrent worlds for me.

Friday, October 14, 2011

as she wimpers out giggle symphonies
ephiphany orgasims that parade threw centuries
this brain is contempt with visons of her innocence and revelry.
...then comes misery..and were days apart..simply living...
so I nod off...&
I spell GOD
with gasoline
in front yards.
smile as the night silence is broken by the fire department
pretty women always tickled the arsont in me
I saw say the least..
spare parts,
long talks
bong rips &
odd jobs.
jaw off
when small talk
cant cut off
those raw thoughts.
I break laws
I cant stall
my balls dropped
a toast to these thoughts over cannibus smoke
& old love notes..
a decades worth of memoirs both fleeting,flowing
full of fuzzy feelings growing older
thicker than theives, I tell yuh/
and yet no,not anymore.
mistreatments,resentment,greivences and contempt for what was bore
not on this side of the fence...well some of it...but I moved on from that..
pasts can be sad,
futures can be all youve ever lived for
.trust that says the voice in my sternum...but Im not scitzophrinic,just a tad excentric and departed..
rejuvinated recovering christian...son of two ministers...
aint that a bitch...
but shit..
your dear johns will always be a few months late getting deliver
on every address you try to find where Ive been rumored
because its hard to keep my feet planted anymore.especially when Im ecstatic to be doin it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

boast... about a roasted frontal lobe
coast to coast,
the only ropes I learned focused in with that hairon
& cannibus smoke.
perturbed...I loathe in order to delicatly retool these circuts..
laugh it off..cough it up
circus after circus
I flirted with the after birth...of course
the merchants were forced to cater me with service
and afterthoughts that were worthless /fleeting feelings freed me from thinking,
early reality set in,and I found my self greiving
speaking to intermediates about the visions Ive been seeking
they directed me to the bathroom to do some thinking/
realitivly obscuring my dillusions
I found more confusion when I sat alone in the florecent lit wash room.

burying my head in the sink as my skin drowned in the tap water



the only fathers who taught us infected posture

dont cough..GOD is watching

but must I offer?

Is a man only as good as his doctrine?

lost in the boonies,
this goonie had chunks of hatred brewing
stewingng for lack of a better term
love the antehisis of

words hanging loosely.

fool me,youll see pools of fools forming
Im startled by these lingering thoughts
backwards feelings

otherwise witty

ive been so gritty,

its silly

at the moment im schwilly
so bill me

the only skills I lack is holding thoughts back
words smack your bitch ass
or loose those hands


hit ya boy on the

low low

this lie is a toe tag

thats why these ladies often say Im

loco,coo-coo...crazy with the venac


thats bad?

spill it out in slow mo

woops thats a no no/flicking crabs in the slab riding solo

slow down your roll bro

keep your eyes peeled for poe-poe

disrespect my dojo,

loose your fuckin nose yo

listen to my gold flow

theres wisdom in the flow though

life kind of goes like a


fast mo .

throats slit

sung aloud,muffled by the garggilin



money is a few words short of an obituary

I cant stay stationary

it would be the death of my theories.

skin me alive then wait in line with me,were all going to be slaughtered


I weep in between peace agreements

sweet releif,was when I broke to peices

spoke my peice,and was greeted by a kick to the teeth

with other matters illusionary,

I find it scarey and un nerving to sleep

so I sit wide awake on the steps of insainty

coveting vanity as my last release



Ive never been convinced of convenitanal wisdom

I just like tits

lit cigarettes

and sweet dreams on boat decks,

swayed by the sound and motion of these annurisums


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I role with my motto,
execute bravados
stick to these guns like a self promotin mono
intellegence in retrospect was highly...suspect...
call me collassaul,
bettr yet stossel
im diggin up fossels as if this was the gospel
im accepting apostles,
lofticries and bonfires
shocktop as we rock back and forth out on the bayou
Im manifesting a doctrine
flock to the window
peer into souls
find my hand
and hold on
love...take my words and bury your nose in the
war drum
that is my heart.

Monday, October 10, 2011


I day dream pretty women out in C I N C Y

while sailing/

inbetween sentencingssss...

I chase I was only drivin saleen(z)

talk about failing,

Im so rich you can taste me...

fuck your reply,

here is my statement:

mind over maitenence

love over bank statements.

couchs,condos & shacks was what I was raised in,

a toast to all these days spent waitin..



...I can tell you what the buissness is,

better yet I can limit it...

I been countin divedends

spinnin them like synonyms

in and out of sentences

killen em relentless..


can you tell me what a good artist izzz..or better yet how you figure it...

I been getting grimey-ist

rhyming,with my timing split

impecably reenacting all these past poets rhetoriccc

flowin with the currents much so it gives me chillllls

on and off coasts,like he must be a fuckin ghost...shout out to the souls with hearts full of smoke


Saturday, October 8, 2011


low and behold
these demons are my own
loan me another dose...just one more

get from round here!...or shut the door..
you going down with me?

theres room for one more.


These demons are ours!


lets hop in the car,drive down the week,its not the same anymore...
go nextdoor...spend a year below the the scene
gloat,shine...grow...its getting boring...lets go,lets go,lets go.
down the interstate,new faces,same vices,smiles for these BETTER FRIENDS,longer nights...lets blow,lets blow. let it snow,let it snow...get that boy in here,hes friends with her,you know the white girl.SPEED IT UP,slow it down...I was reborn...

lets fuck,

take off your clothes...or I mean I love you (?) lets...well yeah take the words and go

let me know,cause Im not sure...I wasnt really aware of love,but I like your warmth,I like your soul,I like the colors in your eyes,and the way you smile...I also like her,

those curves

crushcrushcrush, cut up the lines,piles file into my mind,wild desires pour out of my crooked smike,snort,cough.snort. rolled up bills I stole...back to the drawing board...back to the store,more condoms...theres never enough contraceptive anymore...its hard to trust the people your not sure how you met,or what their intentions are...

far from the mountainside,front range counter thoughts...I had known from the begining itd have to begin where it started. Snowy steps that spoke to millions of last Im aware,

and clear of heart.

ill be mile high by morning

I have a gorilla on my back

let it sink threw your sockets and ear drums

a comfort slave of modern times

realize you are the peice that defines

this is our time.

it is the year of our lord;
and there are herds.

seperate gospels will be heard.
I would not let them define my words,
or derive from my course,
of course it was easier said then thought
especially when the fourth wall was abolished
and the cities were an afterthought.
we paced frivilously threw foliage drenched in brain storms

gone are the lost years Ive come to see were also my own

now I pace with an open bottle of pinot grigio
alone for the moment.
cascade of colors and Im drenched in the undettones of your beautiful
fractured skull
but these open mouths havent said a word.
it seems we've been blessed by correct guessestements
affected by the measures
taken by those who underestimate

time to rise up,

for the begining is blooming


and over due

screw the picket lines...the real change lies in you

in US

we are the LOVE in REVOLUTION


Monday, October 3, 2011


Thwacked out/
into passed out.
open mouthed spittin out nouns,
pretending to be a cash cow...
real life class clown,
poundin down valium like rainbow trout
howlin' on the ground
plowing threw open houses during non-buisness hours...
flowers passed around during meteor showers,
speaking like its a super power...every stanza has prowess
I sip from the bottomless chalice of wisdom...figure I should try to get every sip in
seein the times achangin'
catching all the lovely brainwaves...
feelin sorry for these kids obsessin
over brand names that define them best
or people they wish they could have been...
even worse for the ones who need drugs to feel at their better than they have been
but shit I can feel em...
no ones perfect...
especially this one.
at night,
my eyeballs strike like one million bolts of lightning
some how efficently describing my like minded findings on triumph
but thats all.

Im feeling like a lucky man

Im still breathing,under the radar...every day above grounds a good day

and I mean that it two ways

stay up or get dead

Saturday, October 1, 2011


...and start west...
the snow is pearl white and majestic,
binding the mornings cander in frost under the neon blue stars glow
out from under
I lay silently,quietly...the boys are still out cold.
we're all heavily medicated on high doses of whatever these heads NEED at the moment,
US guests never leave..itd be hopeless place to go...
were in the same clothes from days before because these couches are our homes.
they say we cant afford to give up...
I smell like cigarettes and throw up,
sativa and body oder
Iam about to go normandy on these bloakes
Im spitting up blood in the morning without a single thought of concern
kicking butts off the curb...into the puddles...
we roast the fire wood we had procured,calmly it crackles and music nor televison on...but our eyes seve us well
and the room morphs
I crush up the amphedamines,
split lines into fours
while I day dream about pretty women and detours of my soul
simotaneiously warming up knives on the burner of this dirty apartment
lost in this microcausum
call it the mile high slums/
we are the apacolypse.
the house starts to move,the kids are awake,
we pray the substances our brains they take
benzos until our wakes,we claim,smoking opium for seven hours straight
only breaks is for marlbro 27s and brain waves
and were back to the couch like slaves.
days of pain rush away,
oh but not from the brain,
so we brave the streets,for liquor and burger king
and every day becomes a blind date with the unseen
seven miles walked with no food on your plate,now thats lame,especially when you legally cant leave the state
...shit,back to the basement.


Im growing weary of this destitution/
the only resolution is ceartinly no solution.
truth is im swooning to this recooped restitution,
but this time theres no roofies to get me threw the mornings and afternoons...
foolish but regrouped.
I started heaving out frantic sentences relentlessly.
it hinted to my well being and poor taste during autopsys
to say the was the least we could do.
loosely regrouping in diffrent latitudes ,I hoped of procreating some sort of movement
constiently reinstating to my drinking buddies that Im going sober with no hesitation.
jubilation or even proper dedication to what it all means in the grand scheme of things.



thought provoking and trippy

shout out to the editors for pointing out my failures so lavishly

I hinted sarcastically as I redefined blasphemy with ink
dont even blink'
these are moralless high seas we rolled so hard on
planting seeds we see deceive
well being for sexy features and collages of true believers.
loathing of the calamity and the road rules omage to street sweeping
which goes on prohibited by those in badges and bandanas
only problem is THE unknown,so good deeds go unnoticed
catastrophey for the ego
call it the artist blues

go on. keep moving.

it is ceartinly a sign of what to dos

Friday, September 30, 2011


sentence fragments.
attractive fashions for passionate factions
brains like magnets
we looked for care in the craft infatically
tragic travestys like anticlimatic revelry
quite arbitrary happenings if you ask me.
godspeed us to sea.
fact is the only tricks I know are profanity
capturing the innerworkings of humanity
each aspect I hold dear to me.
clearly ,
my head is in the trees

Thursday, September 29, 2011



We took a detour to head wound city
my skin
my soul
seranaded past the cellar door

even time wanders onward
looking outward over a tundra
these veins pumped lightning to this heart of thunder



into the circuts.

AS humble
as a lamb in wolves armor,
I laid waste to a couple of old bomb shelters
W/ gas cans & HOMEMADE napalm...
equal parts gasoline and frozen orange juice concetrate
a pinch of sawdust for taste
it resonated with the arsonist in my brain/never had I been so pleased by haunting
from day to day
flaunting my final wishes as if it were instrumental to the way I conduct buisness.

I cemented my plan in concrete to enduce listeners into being a

neon lights out lined the puddles of the asphalt
the night shimmered and shook like a seizure
this listless buissness
up in the encision,
kindred spirits take walks to talk dividends
split wisdom for this cultural annurisum,
a portrait of what is


strange ways to conduct biznezz

Friday, September 23, 2011


clandescent light showers shown bright from the cavernous cadavors
it had been hours since the city had devoured our athletic prowiss
we had our wits about us,
but our heads were spazzing
i felt asmatic,
on the verge of anxiety attacking
but with no real targets in mind.
this scene reminds me of a paradigm
bells ringing from time to time...and yet
as if my tithing had made sense,
the science surrounding my thoughts left a kiss on this breath

respect the rejects,interjects my soul

eyes surround and twist like a whirlwind whipping from the southwest
open mouth.closed heart
.dialated iris
memories distraught,
as if we had memoirs of crotch rot
distrust had been mentioned by our counterparts

this life is art.

so it is what you take from it

the smile from my eyes speaks to the miles ive been hoofin it
green pastures and stalemates with book talk for the mute
and unintrersted.
having to adiquate and make up for these intellecutal binges
wasted brain waves and shattered sirenges...
fact is the hurt barely fazes wisdom,
waves roll by unpreturbed
disturbing is barely even scratching the surface

but more and more
I dream of her

lord if I can learn

Ill sing the words that could bring down this fortress

fort nights


it springs right into counter balances.coexsistance,for instance,it wasnt until tonight that I realized my mind was a labryinth,full of mad hatters and alices
down in the rabbit hole where I left my soul up to chance

I feel the gravity

I keep her in my thoughts like the most perfect memory,oh devil,
get from me!

my back bone is hungry,and the night skies humming
this digital landscape is life altering
& humbling.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


shut up and cry with me.

take a walk along the shore
watch piano island burn

burn piano island,burn.

everything that we had learned,
sparred for and deemed worthy
has turned to a silouette in which

every breath is a bomb

so long.

there the skulls raise up from the earth.convulse into form
and I bash my own into red walls

fall comes early

I raise up with a fractured frontol lobe

I need a spinal tap

clap for this,I take blows as I bow off of the sternum

into the vortex

where we



and the whole ordeals a climax,

the zenith was months ago


holy lonesome road


it speaks to toe tags & motion
smoke and potion
this black plate has powder dusted across it like a star going supernova
i see it in technicolor
as I travel threw the endless white
its been a while since Ive had my nostrels coated by the evening
silently,I walk the fine divided lines of obscurity & pride
cathardic pleasentries bring out the lust of the sleepless nights
love is but a battle scar
it was followed by the blizzard of shards
visible and haunting
and yet somehow un rewarding and somber.
slaughter in the onslaught of day dreams and
for this time line is not our portrait
but a source of hurt from the depths of a note tucked deep inside of a book of poetry
which had been burned so
it had given to insecurieties
and the annanimoty of trust
from this breeds new life,
static electricity dancing in eyes
new moons glance upon a horizon
and I'am
intune with the hum of the flow
the currents of love
the strength of wisdom.

chrisp letters on a quiet tounge

I pray your as happy as you say you are
as for now its time to finish resting


run...but this time going to never return from the blessing

the birds chirp

and I am blinded by the transparency

Monday, September 19, 2011


bringsteen my dopamine receptiors to acceptable levels
assimilate fever and general anestesia so we wont be treated like dope feinds with amnesia
into the needless jesus,needles please us,in haste the seasons bring us
on fences
we're crucified with air tanks and dentures
slight dementia brings us to the farside
when was our apartide? or do we just not get a garden of eden..
leisons are leasions
teach lessons as day jobs,squabble squack with the jealous poppy cock,take a frolic off a hill and want not
spill your inner workings in a rainbow cataclysim
an orgasim for the culture vultures and timberwolves
golden hooves carry me to danger.
away from these wagers
and the ever lasting favors
brave is never saying good bye
well at least in these eyes
because returns are intimate
and the rest is a lost cause
a breif pause in this runaway train called life
im married to the road
the freedom is my wife.
but away from the constant change,
or the art that is painstaking and draining every inch of thought
creation is a form of destruction,
dismantinlg while assembling
the main purpose of life
/ /
isnt it to take chances and be generous?
wether that means with your feelings
or your belief system.

the name of the game is LIGHT ,

up from the
get go/blast from the past/yo/robots drinking petrol/night skys light up like the fifth of july/the only rights is fullfilment as a weekend warrior in disguise/reprise/the only etrepenuear who spits crazy maneuer has you up in arms like you was prasing your fueuer/explinations are rural/southern head,cornbread fed,wu tang reciting white kid from tex...issss/entangled in stove runs and coastal pirate missions/gets you thinking of transcontiental condo timesharing

spare me.

the rest is baring down on me like a pyramid
with eyelids.


come sit quietly on the door step of the palace
let the palidromes avalanche out of that mouth like
translate the lightning!
transcribe the brain waves
manifest desires like life of the tundra
sightless beings in controlled pain.
wild in manners,despair and strange praise of timing,
swinging sweetly on every syllabul and speech by dilatonts
like meek martyers taking a weeks paid vay cay
to infect support.
we spared the likes of the quiet and malnurshed,
because their votes count too..
well educated willing to let their sperm spray...
lets take a quantum leap in our kindness
and self seperation
cherished simply by the ones who cared,we kept them in our eye sight
for all is fair
and childish in the right mind
but left is our whereabouts,similar paradoys form diffrent spouts
the life waters of knowledge is why we drink from them
a fountain that breeds loud mouths
so in modesty its held
the very cell of reproduction.
repurcussions breed times of war and nose bleeds for the house hunters
long sleevs for the couch blood doners
dancing on the footsteps of lonesome
its dove season
were blowing holes in that wisdom.
call it an olive branch syndrome
spewing tactics like sick ass fissures
reading scriptures to please the mass of drones
clones come and grow
under neath the marketing lights and currency showers
there we see the final power
of lust for the unknown.
what a bone head move
young men
seems its time to ascend with battle axes and felt tip pens
spray cans
a vision...
what that is,though,is why I mention it
we all cant do it alone.
bridges criss cross the skyline as the structures of the city shine
sightlines are frightning at times,playing on the minds of those who dine as diliatonts
in upscale pleasure romps,the poor of the city are hunted and left feetless
bleeding out while spanging from a seat
the kind of unwinding youd only find in a childish mindstate,reduced crimerates
in a way.
strange,I never thought a decapitation was sane,until I saw a man with a monacl
devouring brains...change dumping out of his pockets
golden lockets filled with pictures of our last ten presidents
we almost suffocated from the amount of dollars that flooded the estate
it became a tomb for the well educated,such a shame they forgot how to work for anything.
such a misstress the slums became
the groomed began tearing their clothes to get a taste of the underworld
no shame
no fame
no glory without pain
they say
and in a way,it makes us think
in what way do we deem a vacation

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


the birds are in discussion outside this sliding glass door...down on the floor the carpet is warmed from the sun,the hum of the computer and the typing of these rusty old fingers is like food for my soul. Up in this head theres a fuzzy feeling that was fleeting for many months,the cause of several problems,and why my exs wish me dead. Past those thoughts theres a sad boy,all he wants is a hand to hold in his and have understand,but shes out east...or down south...or a mile and a half away,its strange to be in discussions about anything,it means somthing to me (to us) the grand scheme of this intricat web ive weaved,still the streets beckon for me like a light house or steeple,but the people I miss most are all dead and buried,scarey that all my friends are dying or getting married,and I just document it all. I cant wait to burn these writings,watch them float into eternity...see myself become the mysterious figure I forgot to meet at the party,the one whos smile is alarming,and wits are charming...who could talk you into a dream. because my reality is a dream,it always has been...high school was like fast times,and Im slamming vans into my head. the rest of the time has been outlined to describe to myself how grimey I can get,sleeping in cars and eating various drugs to never forget,never surrender. this isnt glamour in any sense,and in no way am I proud of this,it simply is. without pain there is no glory,and without fear and love there is no story,and for me to be forming plot,to allow them to be boring is about the worst thing that I could ever do,so I paint a non objective portarit of karma for the intrested audience to see,because for me,this life is a brainstorm,one long beautiful,gloruius odysessy,that will take me from the pacific ocean to the seas of tripoli. in what way I reach this is unconsequental,in what manner I get living is in what manner I choose,and for the ones that I love you will know so soon...because to rest for a minute is one minute far too long for yours rest for a minute is unwarented...I can sleep when I reach heaven,and calva is my next door neighbor.


tramadol baby doll with her hair golden white
gentle thoughts as she catches sun rays by the pire...stabalized
but uncivilized,and her eyes smile as her lips pout with desire
we shout but no words come out,just groans and quivers
it sends a shiver at just how many dire consequences are frivilous
an empty wallet with no markings in it,
only folded ones with no liscene...or inusrance...
assurance that the hole in the heAd can mean one of two things;
give it all for somthing.
or youll be left without anything.

Monday, September 12, 2011


trashtalking drunk with a punk mouth
spinning adjectives on a couch
kid from the south...loud...brash...rash decisons,scissor wisdom
splender,grim grinning with trippy enuendos...blowin endo..tissue deteriation in
cavitys in the head, grimey do you wanna go?

but then again what is it that makes a man;
what is it that makes a woman?

theres no more words to right

no more lines to draw

a few more times will sing

then the walls shall fall.

it was the call of the wild,
the whole while I was out.
I hadent seen old friends in months,all the new ones were tripped out
it aint easy making the transiton from class clown to cash cow
sometimes you end up in somoa with tape over your mouth,
or in denver
on a tale of two couches
truth is,you have to continue to keep rolling,sometimes the most logical act is to give in to emotion.

if you cant go back
you cant stand still

if the thunder dont get ya then the lightning will

Saturday, September 10, 2011


how the desks collect
institutional fragments of intellect

spread it thin,
rinse...take the mischeif out of it

how fun it is to dance on adjectives
make love to sentences
to misspell,
the last fronteir of a writer..

because,be honest,you can read it.

oh what a treat it is to speak to you beautiful
now subrtact the wo
man...bliss...Yeah it can make a fellow...
down right sensitvie
,it can make its self aparent in wisdom
when hes afraid hes bullshiting
or that other people cant put a spin on it.

tips...for the poor college kids...and yet I resemble one of them

thin lines come from spinal bursts of blood and technicolor
former fumbles point to primative bouts of boiling tundras
hum lower sweet parapalegic,the privlege is all mine
said the blind caveman anemic
street treats

beats me

into a trance we speak...out of modern contextual sores

spare me the leisure in meticulous molestations of the thesaurus
the days is where I spend
with my pipe
at my writing chair
pulling out hairs and injecting fear into the hearts of
Struck down by the clear benevolence of the devil
honed in by the power of luck
the object of deciet
well it really has nothing to do with me
in fact im pleased,as well as amazed
that I write on a daily basis
draw on occasion

Always make songs in my heart and soul
and spend my days
in utter awe of the world

what do you do for yours????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

your knees on my knees
im sitting straight up on the top step
your backs on the wall of the stoop
we're sitting enjoying our time with friends
you have a blunt between your fingers and a technicolor bathing suit top on
frenching the smokes from your lips to your nostrel
Im looking at the dawn of the sun
theres really no explination more
my dreams make a rich mans reality poor

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I want to throw empty beer bottles at your window
have the shattered glass dump on me like a rainstorm
my brain hurts so much when I think of restarting
think of him
think of the reasons I am where I came from
let me beleive that you know it as well
belive that there are golden dreams on the sun
and if the only thing im looking for is love,than how can I stand inbetween
but if it was the only thing that made sense to me
does it speak to the way things should be?
I dont think I comprhend the scope of things
I gave it five years 4 months ago and now I feel like diving off a cliff into the ocean
suppose my nose led me to you,suppose my heart and head were fed too soon
maybe we met to soon
maybe it wasnt soon enough.
maybe these regrets are truth
but loose is this heart and mouth in the way Ill sing for you
I may be a blip on the radar now,
but Ive been manifesting a lifetime
an angel with your clandesence
a smile with those eyes.


I was almost hit by a car and this beautiful black girl...
it was by chance we were walking together
it would have been more so chance if we were struck together
heads and legs seperating places
brain matter all over the pavement cooked in by these hot pacific sun rays...
I thought about being sober today,until the car drove by the other way
next stop is the circle K...a hand full of fourties paid for by quarters and pennies
I got here and laid on the floor,
surrounded myself with the sounds of home
neil young.
suppose you were here too,suppose we drank wine until the evening subdued
and we spoke in only parables & haikus
suppose the stars shine brighter out west,and the moon hangs lower in the east
suppose I sweetly sang you to sleep,brushing your hair from your cheek
and I laid awake thinking of how to word everything.
and your gentle breath kissed every inch of my senses until I covered yourself with
and this is how we spend eternity,day dreaming in our sleep...



get back to reality and tussel in the carpet,looking out to the trees and the apartments adjacent.
I strectch out tall and meditate until complacenecy washes over this emotionless face
pace back and forth from the air matresses to the mirror to see if ive changed
but time seems to stand still ever since Ive been away


I never intended my love to be this way

Sunday, September 4, 2011


he watches porno on his mobile phone
on the low though
his devious laughter is why his face is plastered all over town
dead or alive reads the sign...50000 dollar reward for his spine
hords of bounty hunters scower the city slums for this wretched scum
the only realization is that they may never find him
outlaw on the run.
guns twirl & bullets dance at the tip of a hat
you can find me at dillons fence walking along next to it
laughs as casual as breaking down at a funeral
lines of trubadours,
stupid whores,
the marine corp.
and ruth buzzi impersinators storm the door
we fall to the floor doing our best impersinations of victims of foreign wars
glory fades and the red dawn washes ashore
more and more I realize that were all to afraid to be more
but all to ready to become bored
when even action is mightier than the sword
oh lord Ive seen the devistation that war lords give in to
that for warned destiny that evil is glued too
faith hates truth
and on top of that the sky is a hazy blue,the misma of the city speaks to me & you
please be kind and rewind what were doing
for I feel as though no one grasps the scope of our loathing
As I stand by the skeletons in pearl necklaces and diamond earings.


To be an artist is to be a buisnessman
but to know nothing of the trade.
To be a writer is to be a politician
but to agraphobic to campaign.
To be yourself is often times the hardest challenge
do you want fame and compassion
or would you like to ease the pain behind the stories
in my laboratory I reside,
in actuality its a peice of mind
a state I find divine
I am in line for 25 states and two countrys in a years time
countless beers and stares from sinners and reverands unaware of my rhyme
single splices of feeling
and the girl who haunts my dreams
im reeling from the fact that I only can spend so much time in designated areas
it speacks to the arrogance in me
I tend to bleed my soul dry of good deeds,
I should treat myself to some appalation mountain sleep
nussled in ashville drinking pinot noir
and malt liqor 40z...writing at malaprops before stumbling to the laughng seed.
or should I be in athens county,
on the jackie o's patio
eating ten strips with worm and roach,talking about how trippy some shit seems.
or in charlottesville,at the tea bazaar
smoking hookah discussing bizzar tactics for modern living over java
...or down on the platte smoking some of denvers finest medication
I am not elated to know the extent of my dedication for being omnipresent
its not a condusive lifestyle.
but smiles from wide eyed loves make the journey every bit worth it
especially tramping around in the back woods of pittsburgh
where every golden tree is stripped of its bark,gleaming from the white snow with the sounds of sweet baby qs barks
and I embarked on a misson that marked the first step in my indvidual journey
clearly idenifying the path in which I love
& fear.
the damndest thing...
I feel as though next year will be even crazier than this


some live life like a savage in pursuit of that cabbage
stepping on heads & snapping vertebreas at random,
filling their overheads with emotional baggage...lavish enough to spread threw out the rest of the cabin
chump bitches...
tell all their buisness,
fuck around and end up their own star witness
seas of perpetrators,
man its so clear,'
stop snitching or have your whole set sent up for years.
three cheers for the rusty cans and vomitspit,
odd topics as we break into kumquats with gorgeous housewives covered in black eyes and puffed lips,
smoking cigarettes while sitting like junkies waiting for a fix
fidgiting and skidish,
relentless in the questions that are stricken
but records are intact if your in the buisness of making it peoples last night in the city limits
pass me the flask over this burning trashcan and tell me the story of how you got here,
for I fear its the only story I know
it seems as if life is merely an odyessey of hope
nose goes on the next pirate run,no guns,only stash spots and bibles on the front

why do you wan to be the guy everyones looking for?

Friday, September 2, 2011


Am I all alone in this world?

27 seconds and two minutes until the neck folds


yet the king holds steady in the tumbling card deck of repoor

me more than I know

hates the child that resides in these eyes

mild acclimations of nine
maybe ten feet in which I climbed

yet she was by his side,

I am by mine,
so I rarely reside in the thought that isnt mine...

glide down the mountain side.

how DID I...

smile when the only climax was fullfiling

and restoring the rate of high taxes and clemency

experiments for the borats and climaxs of texas in regards to infancy

yet my thorax has been sepererated like scalpeled nouns

pound for pound we sell every ounce to the children of the infantry

and gang factions...maybe brain functions will collapse the asumption

my only reaction is that im bruisd up and mastering that sense of thumbin up

in that sense,

im the only cents that form dollars

feel smaller when callers come to jeopardize


labodimies start to counter my eyes and the prize their set upon

I am no brain spawn...but then again I am no sprained thumb

coming up with rhymes for lame jawns
the only explanation I haves on
dreary resignations and counter forumulated origonal spouts of wisdom,broken digits are like cataclysims
steady countin blessings like foreign convents
the only sense


that I was to clear to grasp it

as is

the only action is factions...divided up by so many lessons

attraction isnt all that is.

but its half of it


What I expected left me feasting on the thoughts of blessings & treasures
no no talk over the short sleve draw obsession
I glanced at the eyes of a stranger as I shuffled past
she drew a calm sadistic gaze over a cigarette smoke rings that billowed out,
brushed the hair from her eyes then smiled...coke rings around her mouth.
time after time I had envisoned a design quite comprable to this timeline.
I was unaware such love could sprout..
spine winding down on the falt lines...but you cant breathe sweetly in a rising tide
makes tomorrow feel like five life lines all coming to an ending hopefully a truth will come out.
but to interject would be a medly of unrest,
agression at a high cost of living
then tiy can get your throat slit or do bids in federal prison
not to mention the attention your personality insists on living in would splinter off in jaggd lightning bolt directions
next to greed,revenge is what makes evil breed and fester faster in the hearts of jesters and revrends
masters of sinning and never omitting such faults
no longer will I explain this exsitance...merely will I live it
I speak to the magicans and wizards
in my head I see visions

Monday, August 29, 2011


I keep seeing angels in my dreams
& also figureitively speaking
its pleasing to know where to turn to in times of self loathing
shameless promoting
and and underlining notion that the only thing bogus is what you want to know it is
pop quiz: how many times have you been left hoping that pain isnt what it seems it is
I listen and envision...keep my jizz to a minimum.
when the jawwing starts I tend to fall off from what the crowd wants
a subconcience napolean bon apart with a silver heart
always on a conquest of love and understanding the art
though this lifetime its of my chakras and mind melts bud
spell blendings and whirlwinds of cannibus smoke
and an overwhelming sense of when things begin
and end.
I feel weird that only hand fulls of people get THIS
in its most basic sense
though I know we all do at some level
yet to master love is
in essence
an inexplencible coincidence by two individuals
and their constant thoughts
but it is also similar souls on a pepindicular path
the aftermath being the aformentioned
and in time a new being.
I sit in the chapel singing
is this what the whole evening was meaning
its pleasing to not be so alone
in the grand eyes of the world
soul sisters
soul brothers

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Blue

dear blue,
I didnt know you well
but I felt that sharp sting of denial when I heard your priceless life was derailed
so many words from a poet seem lost to thought of galactic undertones
but then calls from texas bring me right home
you had a wonderful smile,
thats what I remember most
you have a beautiful little girl
she turns one on thursday and my only hope is she knows how much you loved her
and can understand of what comes and those who go...
how many people will come together to make her life better
so many it hurts
because our area of north texas is one huge family
like most groups claim to be
but we act out silently
your lasting memories are written on the faces of symetry
those beautiful girls you spent most waking moments next to...
to me...
to the ending of an age of innoncence so violently
but tragedy breeds passion
please sleep tucked tight on those clouds in the heavens smiling
we'll be sobbing quietly,moving upward and vibrantly
upholding your honor and speaking of your revelry
youll be missed pretty brandi blue
I hope you know how many people adored you

Friday, August 26, 2011


Is it better to be the unknown celebrity
traviling abroad conquesting on odd oddyseys
conversing with loved ones previously unscathed by broke travelers with honesty
writing literature and poetry to nice for a time of low morality
is it noble to be this way,
or should one try to sway the youth of today?
strange as you back away and think about this Q & A
it brings to mind hope and fear which are the building blocks of this day and age
neutered and spayed,it seems as if our whole decks been played
but from the wide eyed spectators of the blind side,id say they see shuffleing
quiet medicating claiming its meditation and key to a calm mind state
but hell awaits for those who sizzle their brain,trust me I know
Ive seen the devil in the full moon,
he was wearing a prom dress and sassoons
to the closest baboon I pointed and rudely conjicated a mute looming explination
he was paralyzed by the eyes I had which kept shifting intermintently,
it probally was a trust thing.
which I get whole heartidly.
listening to the people who live in the lights stories sound far fetched to me
and yet this path I canvass is as dimmly lit as the rest of them
so I walk chest puffed out like I had a straight back
and straight back behind me are the lab rats who infest the traps
clap for the ones who get the fuck out and dip
tragic for the PHAM on the shit list
traffic unclasped like a roof missing shingles and ladders
only holding the smallest child whos father is begging him
to jump.
displaced rage
the only way I keep a smile on this fate.
waste these days away by propegating your faith
the only tyranny is being blind to the lake...
rather an ocean of infinite trees we swim in as we lay awake,
I pray the earth has some insurance claims to make.
what type of bliss is this arrogance I piss and steam about
if it wasnt for half hour showers I dont know if id be sober right now
quiet pints tucked away in a straw stapled hut,open butt filled with ammuniton
and lanterns,maps and such a fr was the only way we slept,untucked
reverberations from the nights shook the demons awake we spent all our mind with
and in the stich in time we found our lives were more or less irrelevant
but who says...if you do,your dead
heads splintered and seperated from necks,a terrible way to have a final rest
and to be blessed with so many guesses
I guess each breath becomes a next step
your the eyes of the world,and dont you ever forget that
regret this,a lost tactic
speech backwards and the only habit I have is watching private dancers
cancerous words turn to break neck speeds in which poems are written empty of amphedamines
It hurts to have a heart beat faster than a brain can think
a spouse can take
or better yet broken speech from break neck freaks without a plausable theory
you comin with?

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ive been imagining your features
under the bleachers where I got high for the first time
I feel the same about your eyesight
and the effect it has on my mind.
down in the valleys of vail
colorado...maybe savannah georgia.
there lives a diffrent formn of my love
she know what must be done...verbal kicks to the butt
is this whole time period a time trial?
a trail...the last lesson I must learn
the only leasons appear on the past I let go
and the future Ill never know
though I parade threw the coradors and horror stories as if I was labodamized and sodomized since birth,
only reliving moments in time where I had no control
suppose it was all worth it,and those cold pittsburgh mornings got me home
but the realization I made,
was the whole time is home is the road,
much like it takes time to adjust to a new house,
the same with the car
naps at the bars
running on adreneline and the home cooked meals from one much like your soul
but so far...
for now if I have thousands of homes,if only for moments
& alter egos
we grow in the same way the earth does
lost in the cosmos

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DOGYEAR; an exerpt

...After cleaning the espresso machine,I went and got the mop and broom from the back.Boss went off to smoke a cigarette,I pure caffed the whole kitten caboodle,the kitchen was spotless,and when she came back in she asked me to put the outside furniture,and she asked if I wanted to go...I knew the bong and some sailor jerrys would be back waiting for some action so I merrily obliged,I offered for her to come,she didnt say much ...I could tell she didnt want me to go..I could tell a lot of things would be diffrent if the cicrumstances surrounding us had been diffrent...Im glad it hadent though,moonbeam haunted my every waking moment...sometimes I fell into a zombie mode,wondering if I had made the right choices,if I should have stayed or breakin away when I had the chance,go back to college,and get a buisness degree or some shit. Even when youve done everything correct up to a ceartin point,you still question your own intent..its human nature I guess.

I walked out a minute after making sure she wanted me to go,she had a slow roll of the eyes,and a quirky smile saying "text gonna get bored." I promised I would...even though I didnt have her number,and my phone was broken,I entertained the thought like a beautiful moment in time where I realised I could mean somthing to someone...even when someone else meant the world to my self. I broke out past the customers,hanging my nametag on the racks in the back...out into the warm pacific air,and the hum of life on cal state fullerton...I was looking down,I could tell my demeanor was giving me away,I didnt have a thought in the world except I wanted to run,run back to the life I just ran from,oh the slums were more glamourus then a nine to 5,or a 5ive to nine,whatever the fuck I was working...I was tired of sweating,smelling like coffee,and most of all the humans I had to give advice to,or the ones who pryed into my life,it was so much easier when I could lie,or stretch the truth,now I have to dive deep into what and how I do,and being so honest Im not sure if this is the smartest thing to do...

So Im not even half a block away when a bum comes walking up the street the other way...hes drunk...swaying to the wind of the traffic blowing past,immediatly our eyes lock,I think how ironic. He stumbles up to me,whiskey on his beard he asks me my name,sticking his hand out in front of me...I shake it and say "william...yourself?" hes mumbling frantically like somthing out of a movie "he says...john...john...and you? I smile,his smiles so wide...his eyes so wired by human touch..."im john...john..." I start to reach for my wallet,but he hasent said a word about money...Its more about the smile...the tears welling up that he sees somthing in my eyes...i see somthing in his smile,the way we look at each other is like a mirror,and that moment i realize I cant just go off running anytime I want...or ill end up walking down on ramps off of 91 east in orange county...about 6 hours from jail...or worse...

the light of the man shines bright as I snap out of his eyesight."im sorry john...I must go.." his lip quivers and he waves as I step into the night,into the lights of the 50 or so od college students buming rap or indie rock. A crowd wiggles past me in the street halfway to the other corner,I turn around and here a muffled "stay out of trouble" I smile,point and yell "you too."..god lifes trippy,how did he know so much with out knowing...slowly I pace under the over pass,past little asian women and grown indian men...

the steel walls

Theres no real way to explain how I think of whats waiting
whats given,or to even mention this slight dementia
its got me ripped up,
inside throwing knives against a blank wall
small feats compared to the feelings deep in this meat,flesh and bones
blown away by the diplomas that set me apart from those in a coma
about what the "real world" can apply too
but since my troubled youth ive found a mutiny abloom
those who can change the world for the better dont want to
simply love themselves too much too
for enlightenment can lead to ego,when arrogance seems due
but the truth of the matter is it all exsists in you
in us,the uncollected concience of a billion souls lost
and this heaven we speak of is simply being
and experencing the beauty that is all around you,instead of expecting it to be at the end of this life we often times mistake as a prequal
but dosent it need to be equal to the sequel to be great
or could it all just eliminate the proceedings
could this world be a fake
it dosent really matter cosmically whats at stake,not at this juncture anyway
you can only be a beautiful componenet to an everchanging landscape
who need doers more than sayers in this world of technology
these words are but vessels for interpretation
my seeming wisdom could lead one to failure
for it is not my intention,it is just what is
so with that being said
free your head
write your own manifesto by hand...prefferably in the sands
for time washes away all sins

Saturday, August 20, 2011


please rest
this wrist gets sore endorsing checks
play close to the chest,
the warnings I speak incessintly
momentary lapses in judgement make monitary goals cum lavishly
guns support cavities,
and kisses taste like salt and sugar comforts drastically ravishing
creatures abundance
punishable by slumber.
wonder how the smile got so thunderous?
how those hips gave way to a price
and I...well..
Im alive
but you,
your at the mercy of a knife
dull blade
half tinged canvaser
ask your wisdom,can you even give without asking for it
tis the downfall of never having to gather
or master a tactic
because the batlles dont always secure an outcome
and words can always be far from done


If the galaxy bends,

Im glad I had friends and enemies...not those miserable wretch inbetween.

that all my PHAM kept it real

spennin time sinnin and grinnin,pimpin and spippin,

experimenting like street drugs with prison and public school systems

trippin visciously while spinning wisdom in and out of sentences vividly

for instance it wasnt till tonight I realised THESE EYES HAVE EYES intermittenly

its got me thinking ocean deep,past the trenches in the big blue sleep

these crazy thoughts maybe unorthidox,

but the world maybe truly in black and white coexsiting as a paradox

as long as you pay no attentions to the conformites of the box


you only can use this brain once, so let all things imaginable be done

let its be as gorgeous as the nights end kissed goodmorning by the sun

its colors,the fright of the darkness and the wonder of the fuzzy glow

the splendid attribues of the unknown,almost as natural as learning or growing

for warnings are only fair warnings in this day and age of random chance and sheep slaughtering

hell even massacures happen in nurserys and dormatorys

strange ways to relive pain

this death and destruction is to my brain

for it is like me in many ways,but simply the inside of this body that I see deterirate

my temple of the blind

could I ever trust with these rainy eyes

skys smile in deep purples and white


why did I never kiss her,might this had all been diffrent in time

or would it be much similar

just harder and with more denial

aisles & aisles of the same product with diffrent prices.

I always wanted to ask my father for his advice on x chromosones

on violence

on vandalisim

but the beauty of it all as I came to see

is how much we differ,how sheltered we both beleive it should & shouldent be

not all men are created equal

it depends on how you THINK & the talents you exceed in

even evil is honorable if there are no other decisions

bare witness


clarify your conciences

some of us have angels

some of us have demons