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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I was almost hit by a car and this beautiful black girl...
it was by chance we were walking together
it would have been more so chance if we were struck together
heads and legs seperating places
brain matter all over the pavement cooked in by these hot pacific sun rays...
I thought about being sober today,until the car drove by the other way
next stop is the circle K...a hand full of fourties paid for by quarters and pennies
I got here and laid on the floor,
surrounded myself with the sounds of home
neil young.
suppose you were here too,suppose we drank wine until the evening subdued
and we spoke in only parables & haikus
suppose the stars shine brighter out west,and the moon hangs lower in the east
suppose I sweetly sang you to sleep,brushing your hair from your cheek
and I laid awake thinking of how to word everything.
and your gentle breath kissed every inch of my senses until I covered yourself with
and this is how we spend eternity,day dreaming in our sleep...



get back to reality and tussel in the carpet,looking out to the trees and the apartments adjacent.
I strectch out tall and meditate until complacenecy washes over this emotionless face
pace back and forth from the air matresses to the mirror to see if ive changed
but time seems to stand still ever since Ive been away


I never intended my love to be this way

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