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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

boast... about a roasted frontal lobe
coast to coast,
the only ropes I learned focused in with that hairon
& cannibus smoke.
perturbed...I loathe in order to delicatly retool these circuts..
laugh it off..cough it up
circus after circus
I flirted with the after birth...of course
the merchants were forced to cater me with service
and afterthoughts that were worthless /fleeting feelings freed me from thinking,
early reality set in,and I found my self greiving
speaking to intermediates about the visions Ive been seeking
they directed me to the bathroom to do some thinking/
realitivly obscuring my dillusions
I found more confusion when I sat alone in the florecent lit wash room.

burying my head in the sink as my skin drowned in the tap water



the only fathers who taught us infected posture

dont cough..GOD is watching

but must I offer?

Is a man only as good as his doctrine?

lost in the boonies,
this goonie had chunks of hatred brewing
stewingng for lack of a better term
love the antehisis of

words hanging loosely.

fool me,youll see pools of fools forming
Im startled by these lingering thoughts
backwards feelings

otherwise witty

ive been so gritty,

its silly

at the moment im schwilly
so bill me

the only skills I lack is holding thoughts back
words smack your bitch ass
or loose those hands

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