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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Miss Blue

dear blue,
I didnt know you well
but I felt that sharp sting of denial when I heard your priceless life was derailed
so many words from a poet seem lost to thought of galactic undertones
but then calls from texas bring me right home
you had a wonderful smile,
thats what I remember most
you have a beautiful little girl
she turns one on thursday and my only hope is she knows how much you loved her
and can understand of what comes and those who go...
how many people will come together to make her life better
so many it hurts
because our area of north texas is one huge family
like most groups claim to be
but we act out silently
your lasting memories are written on the faces of symetry
those beautiful girls you spent most waking moments next to...
to me...
to the ending of an age of innoncence so violently
but tragedy breeds passion
please sleep tucked tight on those clouds in the heavens smiling
we'll be sobbing quietly,moving upward and vibrantly
upholding your honor and speaking of your revelry
youll be missed pretty brandi blue
I hope you know how many people adored you

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