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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


it speaks to toe tags & motion
smoke and potion
this black plate has powder dusted across it like a star going supernova
i see it in technicolor
as I travel threw the endless white
its been a while since Ive had my nostrels coated by the evening
silently,I walk the fine divided lines of obscurity & pride
cathardic pleasentries bring out the lust of the sleepless nights
love is but a battle scar
it was followed by the blizzard of shards
visible and haunting
and yet somehow un rewarding and somber.
slaughter in the onslaught of day dreams and
for this time line is not our portrait
but a source of hurt from the depths of a note tucked deep inside of a book of poetry
which had been burned so
it had given to insecurieties
and the annanimoty of trust
from this breeds new life,
static electricity dancing in eyes
new moons glance upon a horizon
and I'am
intune with the hum of the flow
the currents of love
the strength of wisdom.

chrisp letters on a quiet tounge

I pray your as happy as you say you are
as for now its time to finish resting


run...but this time going to never return from the blessing

the birds chirp

and I am blinded by the transparency

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