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Thursday, March 29, 2012

in an instant

I drank my opinions away
in a maze,
dazed off of several eighths.
strange how I laid by her side
those eyes...
reminiscent of trip wire...
liars who danced with such a truth
and all the while,,,
my narrow minded recollections proved useless...
that a loon can behave ghoulish in platoons with loose lips...
standed answers and form
& not for the weak stomached individuals...
but us?
we dined and schemed like war lords.
spared and sparred as pharaohs
saw our futures amongst the tarot cards and never hinted at retribution
and there we walk...threw red lights and poverty

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


straight into the heart of the future...
my futile writings had me interpreting kinetic brain waves
intellegance flooded my synaptic space...
and like all things
I bit my teeth and dug my feet into the ground I had come to claim..
fame was of ill importance
and to some I only spoke in rorshack
but besides that...I was passed the blame and paradigm shifts...
past the women I used to love...
now walking skeletons...
I found hope in the bottom of this mile high city
strung out on life lessons
and blood full of tragedy.


I roll off of another warm floor
stored emotions in this cavity called skull.
preminitons and notions to how this all had come before
in other words...
never my own....of course..
I want to understand whats happening in this city for once.
lay down amongst the suns..spending a lifetime transfixed on motion & trust
and the eight lane highways on which I reside...the only pay is arms full of your love
and ample time to explain my head...
while we smile...nodding off gentley,
quietly...I don't sleep
wrapped in new emotions and body heat
in this hollow basement that holds to many memories & teeth
a toast,
to a seemingly pleasant treat..
that really was quite bittersweet
and for all intents and purposes...done

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


motah burns on balchoneys overlooking skyscrapers
this head can attest to those trees...these scenes...scenarios...dreams...
while I learn lifes lessons threw this shredding adolescense I was blessed with
presence in my present contradictions keeps me confessing to shit I was not peppered for
so why would I devulge these truths in this present form
a lack of scorn? please
bet you have some I got some weed...
dont ALWAYS need to hear all that...been there in some instances...matter afact my shares are a tad less heroic then your seem to be
out on these mean place for a baby face like me...I was innocent...but please...
shares those forewarnings that are fair warnings in this day and age of random chance and sheep slaughtering
metaphorically speaking ( jesus) even got to put those in here too
its like a mind and this word play...its like god before his big bang
fuck it
blow a zone.
devulge new truths in why you are a cacoon..become the butterfly.


its nights like this i feel so listless
my mistress is the desert and I vehemiotly ditest this
my eclectic,wild,spiraling desires keep me occupied on bus rides up and down interstates and capital cities to pass time
in and out of shit jobs to blend reality into my paranoid agorophobic tendencies...or ecentric behavior to those in the circles I run in between..
beer spit.
team bar trash rides again!
that monumental spirit...great winds...somewhat pitiful
but I only have one life to I GIVE & GIVE
but its taken as I have lives to pay for..
strange...I see the mathematics to this haze...a perpetual daze
catered lunches and buisness come upins...two shits given about the soul or the flesh embodying it...
dirty pigs...running around in man made bins...fed their kin to make them cuss,spit and sin
and in the end...the only one losing is the one with the clear head
no...addictions come in all shapes and sizes...and sometimes with confidants in hand
bend time like I have and youll understand.
the world is usually coming to an end.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

my narcissism

lazy analogies keep me feindin for more battery
scatter fathoms keep me collaberating with I got feathers pokin out of this skull cap redundently
facts trash with the matter fact shit Ive been/ back water/black magic/dabblin in
just a ramblin scattered brain transient...
a marvel of modern medicene.
intrepent winds keep singen fiction on these old robotic limbs
hints to my farsided nature and realtive obscure flashback/ hallucenations I keep finding myself in
in a sentence.
fission keeps my quantum physics limitless in the way I can sense meniscule visions
wisdom for a wizard not of this dimension....even my kinfolk would confirm this I mention
but it is not my single defintion.
detention was always my best subject in school...too bad I shaped those tactics beautifully into this
" real world"...rules...
loose dementia with an ecentric personality combined with multiple aliases...I find...
keeps me occupied and out of sight
out of thought and with kind intentions on this path ive sought...aling
to be with one I love...
a doctor to the underworld...or so on and all go fourth,child..
scream and yell...
shape those tattered souls for the gates of

Friday, March 9, 2012


I wish to brush my lips with hers
my manifestations have never been far from an otherwise glimpse of love...
but alas...
is it the cosmic spirit peppered by analogies I pursue
is she the seperate but equal part of my soul?
a truth...
so the dust,
I sense more suddle...troubling matters..
I'm feeling hungrier then ever before..
in more ways then one.
more devanaire as my air of confidence that makes young women unable to ignore..
my words...they are my world...
her thoughts,
they are here on...and forever so forth...
in the warmest sport of my frontol lobe...
so the questions come roaring through the thunder and rain
of a central austin texas dojo
in early march
as I question the universe:
"where do I go"
all signs point home...
I just havent found out where that is though.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


try not to freak yourself out...
I say...
their only dreams...and the residual effect will go away
but then as I awake...
the anxiety of the day over takes this living state
the tears flood this brain...
but I strain them dry before they even have a thought of survival
I feel as though a revival is on my horizon..
but honestly I just want some one to hug...
some one to be proud of me...someone to solidify these ideals...
my ideas on comfort are a peice of your heart...
some where to reside as I take refuge from storms
and the static and digitized wave lenghts take prey on my synaptic relays
when in reality Im just trying to take care of the people who made me...
but they assume the worst...drug binges and open sores...sofourth and so on
no words.
thats how it all sounds.
and why not..
these wretched moments brought to you by past thoughts..
so climb from the depths to move on...
theres a million hearts to love in this singular world