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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


hit ya boy on the

low low

this lie is a toe tag

thats why these ladies often say Im

loco,coo-coo...crazy with the venac


thats bad?

spill it out in slow mo

woops thats a no no/flicking crabs in the slab riding solo

slow down your roll bro

keep your eyes peeled for poe-poe

disrespect my dojo,

loose your fuckin nose yo

listen to my gold flow

theres wisdom in the flow though

life kind of goes like a


fast mo .

throats slit

sung aloud,muffled by the garggilin



money is a few words short of an obituary

I cant stay stationary

it would be the death of my theories.

skin me alive then wait in line with me,were all going to be slaughtered


I weep in between peace agreements

sweet releif,was when I broke to peices

spoke my peice,and was greeted by a kick to the teeth

with other matters illusionary,

I find it scarey and un nerving to sleep

so I sit wide awake on the steps of insainty

coveting vanity as my last release



Ive never been convinced of convenitanal wisdom

I just like tits

lit cigarettes

and sweet dreams on boat decks,

swayed by the sound and motion of these annurisums


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