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Friday, August 26, 2011


Is it better to be the unknown celebrity
traviling abroad conquesting on odd oddyseys
conversing with loved ones previously unscathed by broke travelers with honesty
writing literature and poetry to nice for a time of low morality
is it noble to be this way,
or should one try to sway the youth of today?
strange as you back away and think about this Q & A
it brings to mind hope and fear which are the building blocks of this day and age
neutered and spayed,it seems as if our whole decks been played
but from the wide eyed spectators of the blind side,id say they see shuffleing
quiet medicating claiming its meditation and key to a calm mind state
but hell awaits for those who sizzle their brain,trust me I know
Ive seen the devil in the full moon,
he was wearing a prom dress and sassoons
to the closest baboon I pointed and rudely conjicated a mute looming explination
he was paralyzed by the eyes I had which kept shifting intermintently,
it probally was a trust thing.
which I get whole heartidly.
listening to the people who live in the lights stories sound far fetched to me
and yet this path I canvass is as dimmly lit as the rest of them
so I walk chest puffed out like I had a straight back
and straight back behind me are the lab rats who infest the traps
clap for the ones who get the fuck out and dip
tragic for the PHAM on the shit list
traffic unclasped like a roof missing shingles and ladders
only holding the smallest child whos father is begging him
to jump.
displaced rage
the only way I keep a smile on this fate.
waste these days away by propegating your faith
the only tyranny is being blind to the lake...
rather an ocean of infinite trees we swim in as we lay awake,
I pray the earth has some insurance claims to make.

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