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Monday, September 19, 2011

bridges criss cross the skyline as the structures of the city shine
sightlines are frightning at times,playing on the minds of those who dine as diliatonts
in upscale pleasure romps,the poor of the city are hunted and left feetless
bleeding out while spanging from a seat
the kind of unwinding youd only find in a childish mindstate,reduced crimerates
in a way.
strange,I never thought a decapitation was sane,until I saw a man with a monacl
devouring brains...change dumping out of his pockets
golden lockets filled with pictures of our last ten presidents
we almost suffocated from the amount of dollars that flooded the estate
it became a tomb for the well educated,such a shame they forgot how to work for anything.
such a misstress the slums became
the groomed began tearing their clothes to get a taste of the underworld
no shame
no fame
no glory without pain
they say
and in a way,it makes us think
in what way do we deem a vacation

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