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Monday, September 19, 2011


bringsteen my dopamine receptiors to acceptable levels
assimilate fever and general anestesia so we wont be treated like dope feinds with amnesia
into the needless jesus,needles please us,in haste the seasons bring us
on fences
we're crucified with air tanks and dentures
slight dementia brings us to the farside
when was our apartide? or do we just not get a garden of eden..
leisons are leasions
teach lessons as day jobs,squabble squack with the jealous poppy cock,take a frolic off a hill and want not
spill your inner workings in a rainbow cataclysim
an orgasim for the culture vultures and timberwolves
golden hooves carry me to danger.
away from these wagers
and the ever lasting favors
brave is never saying good bye
well at least in these eyes
because returns are intimate
and the rest is a lost cause
a breif pause in this runaway train called life
im married to the road
the freedom is my wife.
but away from the constant change,
or the art that is painstaking and draining every inch of thought
creation is a form of destruction,
dismantinlg while assembling
the main purpose of life
/ /
isnt it to take chances and be generous?
wether that means with your feelings
or your belief system.

the name of the game is LIGHT ,

up from the
get go/blast from the past/yo/robots drinking petrol/night skys light up like the fifth of july/the only rights is fullfilment as a weekend warrior in disguise/reprise/the only etrepenuear who spits crazy maneuer has you up in arms like you was prasing your fueuer/explinations are rural/southern head,cornbread fed,wu tang reciting white kid from tex...issss/entangled in stove runs and coastal pirate missions/gets you thinking of transcontiental condo timesharing

spare me.

the rest is baring down on me like a pyramid
with eyelids.

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