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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I want to throw empty beer bottles at your window
have the shattered glass dump on me like a rainstorm
my brain hurts so much when I think of restarting
think of him
think of the reasons I am where I came from
let me beleive that you know it as well
belive that there are golden dreams on the sun
and if the only thing im looking for is love,than how can I stand inbetween
but if it was the only thing that made sense to me
does it speak to the way things should be?
I dont think I comprhend the scope of things
I gave it five years 4 months ago and now I feel like diving off a cliff into the ocean
suppose my nose led me to you,suppose my heart and head were fed too soon
maybe we met to soon
maybe it wasnt soon enough.
maybe these regrets are truth
but loose is this heart and mouth in the way Ill sing for you
I may be a blip on the radar now,
but Ive been manifesting a lifetime
an angel with your clandesence
a smile with those eyes.

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