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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


so im obliged to get as grimey as I desire.
tall tales are a hint to my stature,
I feel in fractured color pigments,
mild hallucenations of winding spirals,
shifting floor tiles,compiled desires...
the only resentment I carry is buried in my smile...
its filed inbetween meditation and this loose wiring
firing off words like I was poetic,it gets unnerving at times,waking up in diffrent settlements.
Dreaming of the next place I'll be stepping
then physically manifesting the setting
demeaning those who say it cant be done,giving hope to all the ones who cant come
saying fuck you to the establishment regardless of the outcome,
its all fun and games till someone ends up in correctional facilities
but thats why we rarely mention what were really involved in...
on and on the days tumble forward,and Im in hash & weed comas
smoking DMT before popping my last somas
every morning pounding mimosas..
back pack full of adderal and trazadone,just so I can sleep or move on...
fall is harsher on this side of the globe
even if its only a day from home...
but this road make sense for me to travel on,
and what justifys the facade of a clone...
that your told THIS is the place where your always welcome
but gosh
where else can I go?
I dont need these negative brainwaves
and suicidal talks that have gone on for far to many days...get some balls or fuck off
either way im not envolved..regardless of blood... or paperwork..
dosent mean theres no love,but if you cant love your self
how could someone else?
sometimes I feel like Im the adult...caught in between two schools of thought...
because most think im a canidate for brain
or crotch rot
truth is I fell off and I find it hard to get back on
I dont want to waste my days fucked up beyond concience
ive done that,
and some bids
really just to be in her presence is my bliss..but shes in the bahamas...and Im in southern cali,
soaking up the casualties...its funny to me
we met at a truck stop...and weve never stopped moving...
but my heart has been glued to you...
its kept me sane...honestly..
im tired of dealing with claims,blame and monitary off shoots
its polluting every facet of society
each screw is loose.
I hope the animals arent dieting...just sharpening their teeth
& smilng...because Im finding it hard not to RUN
turn these streets into municipal waste,face it,youll never be truly happy until you do your own tricks,split wigs and figure in apportiments that are appropriate figures for your buisness...but if your buissness is smiling...then your always wimpering,where is
the dog star...

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