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Sunday, October 30, 2011

the rest

they asked me why I wasnt at church
I says,I got some shit to deal with first
we disperse and im left holding a thirst
it has to be quenched before I put this hurt into other words
or physically recreate all aspects of the agression
I digress because I find it hard to conduct elections
all worths or whats worse..
every forth breath is under scrutiny,it feels like this chest collapsed
and I'am in turn dealing with blunt force
shattered heads
severed checks
all things
that point to the antehisis of intellect
with all due respect I find it better when my mouth is closed and my eyes are kept
unaware from the weary
unbebounced to the lowly
flowing,copesetinc. its better to live now then to have never lived
beleiving thine self holy
fold me into a paper crane
set me on he gentle breeze of tomorrow
with the the currents of yesterday
I know whom I love,I know where I to fill in the rest
of the story

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