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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I miss your words...well no...not really

she goes


Im like

put on this night gown

were down (more so I am..)

for whatever at the moment (her open mouth)

,but the focus is lost to the intermitten motion

Im concentrating on making love,

shes like a boat in the ocean

were floating on the currents of the chosen

but really those

whos closed eyes roar open

boastin on the trope

say nothing of value in refrence of ghosts

off top

I see nothing but love and devotion

strange my life moves in such serious ways. when I simply want smiles

hugs,plane tickets

& somthin for these weary muscles ( ;) )

catch me on the one ways

down to the run ways

no baggage to claim

its all tucked away in the things I say,these writings of mine

these times I gave a thought to

giving up

staring down at the street froma fourth story balchoney

I have to be trained in subconcience alchemy

because the outcome is all that matters to me

I will be remebered in time,because this spine is built of diamonds

and on the inside of this heart there is tidal

the waves pulse threw my body,and I grab my chest as my heart flutters



come together and dance in these bomb shelters

I see best when my eyes are closed...and my brain is melting


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