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Monday, October 3, 2011


Thwacked out/
into passed out.
open mouthed spittin out nouns,
pretending to be a cash cow...
real life class clown,
poundin down valium like rainbow trout
howlin' on the ground
plowing threw open houses during non-buisness hours...
flowers passed around during meteor showers,
speaking like its a super power...every stanza has prowess
I sip from the bottomless chalice of wisdom...figure I should try to get every sip in
seein the times achangin'
catching all the lovely brainwaves...
feelin sorry for these kids obsessin
over brand names that define them best
or people they wish they could have been...
even worse for the ones who need drugs to feel at their better than they have been
but shit I can feel em...
no ones perfect...
especially this one.
at night,
my eyeballs strike like one million bolts of lightning
some how efficently describing my like minded findings on triumph
but thats all.

Im feeling like a lucky man

Im still breathing,under the radar...every day above grounds a good day

and I mean that it two ways

stay up or get dead

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