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Friday, December 11, 2015

another highway

more hide outs

new ways to express pain

I'm just high now

batteries dead

looks like I cant drive now

my light still shines

probably from all the acid in my spine still

still life pictures of thrills

still off some pills now

a whole goblet full of coffee

shes still snappin stills...Im still pouting some how

pass me the peace pipe

I wont feel like dying now

ground littered in nothing

my ocd still holding on somehow


somewhere in the cheeseburger nebula.

glass full of scotch.

cigar full of indica.

Sprinkled lights on the river into Gotham

The kids are snorting coke while I’m eating

Xanax and sipping promethszene and codeine

Out of jones sodas

I’ve been haunting the streets for weeks again

Just contemplating s begging and an end

To the novel I’ve been working in

**‘I hate when “authors say this”

I’m a renaissance man in remission again

The whole scene feels bothersome

But praise Allah & opium bowls

I’ll see you again the tax doesn’t collapse me


Smoking blunts out of a screen door

Bored with the way that I’ve come up

Need more work on being less wholesome

We’ve all grown some

I think I’m a monster to most

But most of the time I’m just too high to zone

All this work got me feelin like scum

Only because I haven’t moved one single


Meet me where the sun sets over lady bird lake…that’s where I’ll feel wholesome

(I hope)

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Lost in your eyes .

Another night of

You & me

and a bottle of wine

Soothing the whines

that bellow from

the comfort of this air mattress
Another night rambling

More moments scrambled together

Nice weAther // a body prepared for


I wish it was summer again

Never tethered …as if I ever have been

I wanna be a star jammer

More than just a mortal man

But god damn these years

These plans

They all just run together

And it all de materializes in my writhing grasp


This stupid son of a bitch is as it again

Nothing but movement

Ruthless with the way he misuses

However one amuses the term

Maybe I’ll see Valhalla again

Until then I’ll be awake

Dreaming of my life being taken again

All I’ve listened to lately is STp

And weiland died today

And I really feel the same way

That I did yesterday

Numb to the ever present ugliness

Like light was but a dream

And those who’ve had a taste

Are either dying inside or shining too bright
You know what I mean?