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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ive been imagining your features
under the bleachers where I got high for the first time
I feel the same about your eyesight
and the effect it has on my mind.
down in the valleys of vail
colorado...maybe savannah georgia.
there lives a diffrent formn of my love
she know what must be done...verbal kicks to the butt
is this whole time period a time trial?
a trail...the last lesson I must learn
the only leasons appear on the past I let go
and the future Ill never know
though I parade threw the coradors and horror stories as if I was labodamized and sodomized since birth,
only reliving moments in time where I had no control
suppose it was all worth it,and those cold pittsburgh mornings got me home
but the realization I made,
was the whole time is home is the road,
much like it takes time to adjust to a new house,
the same with the car
naps at the bars
running on adreneline and the home cooked meals from one much like your soul
but so far...
for now if I have thousands of homes,if only for moments
& alter egos
we grow in the same way the earth does
lost in the cosmos

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