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Monday, November 7, 2011


cold hard facts

toothless spirits with ruthless truth

spittin old world relics


I thought my lessons were over

when in fact they've just

sailed off into a


I feel like a shogun.

Im used to havin my nose run,

face numb.

shows how fun the times been..

more keep

a slight buzz keeps me at

arms lenth..

far away from your thoughts

under a symphony of car alarms,

I nod off.

but these docks sway to the sounds of distant horns

and the winds kiss is colder then one would have ever known

unless experiencing it by ones self


the morning is not far


but theres no way I could doze off...

so I walk down the boards to end thought...sad moments lost in private...

but exploding starlight starboard gave hint that this night could hold more

mean more

so I tore thew city streets until the sky had become a bore

and I realized the light of the stars had all been seen before

in diffrent universes

on diffrent planets

with souls much like ours

wondering if theres hope in the universe

and why its all so




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