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Monday, April 25, 2011

poem 10000 about australia

lay down with me in the heat
shoulder to shoulder staring at a normal mans celing
share this spoonful of water with me
itll turn into wine by nightfall in our bellys
tell me what you see in the clouds darling
tell me how the sand feels as it forms to the curvutures of your body
every semetrical inch of perfection in accordance to blue prints I could only dream of conceptualizing.
lets come up with new philosiphy to explain our spiritual awakenings
breathe each breath as a symphony
let each gold peice of jewerly sparkle off you harmonieusly
twisting your body to summer wind
I sitting indian style scribble words that could never accuratley describe the fire
burning the top of this head
you are the physical emodiment of everything I emotionally am not
in a sense we our crossing our own boundries
im a scoundrel threw and threw,savy buisness man who runs markets pulled by bulls
you...well you know you
the world does too
its that feeling you get in a july morning as the sun rises up over the pool
the water gets warmer,at your shoulders,but deep down your still wrapped up in the colds lovely embrace
you do nothing but smile and shake...because you just started off your fucking DAY in the if that isnt party time...
pff i dunno what is

Sunday, April 24, 2011

baby gat

Chamber of boom
love in the aftergloom
skys full of thunder
mouth full of rounded out sentences mentioning fore gone subjects of gore and deprevity
my heart is negatively influenced by these rooms
see that dip in the wall?
thats where they pulled five bodies from their tomb
their spirits embody students
sleep easy
duck down in the crawl space,
baby ;)


even on such a rainy rocky mountain day.
cigarette smoke plays along the sharpie covered wall that should have given us all a
colnel mustard in the bathroom...he broke up lines and kept his hash in spoons
straight across the interstates
he looked like a strung out junky monkey bafoon
his cheeks as red as the ass of a baboon
manifesting somthing far more damaging then doom
spending these thin aired day in a jungle of zoos
booze dosent even phase me any more,I pour my drink to my dead homies from the 3rd coast sea board
Ive been killed
but still I live on oxygen and Ls of hard
star crossed lovers in a gasoline douched barn
we set the fire to hear the hollers
for love is valor staring the face of time to a mirror of grave robbing
Of God
of a consumer based econmy built on moral commandments that prolong the enevital
drop of world power
all stars
of electrical sockets that send neutrons into ping pong showers in metor houts
cigarette butts and bong rips to cheers the less than living souls
the train hopppers who beat lovers beaus with socks full of pad locks
smileys for mouths now full of gold
mold on the interior of the treasure chest kept
collected,abstenet from secxual commitment
I query to the wearabouts of her kinfolk
sounds of ammuniton sliding and slithering into the barrels of what supplies her kitchen give me a hint so
I tramp right up and ask her papi for her hand
Ill be god damned if I didnt get beat half to death by her ten brothers
full grown men
wedding bells play in my head
I just assumed Id died as I feel asleep everynight with her in my third eye again
but this time..

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin tired of the LOVE?

Stand to the mountains and let that face wash clean
brace your cities for new staute erections elected officals,be clean
the trends point to rio de janero
"those god damn bugs whacked him good,
Im starved for attention
druthers in the weather washed bones
adonius could cry and id still have a quaint afternoon
my face was stolen quite
wont you ride with me on this endless river of love?
technicolor dreamboat that takes the most interesting turns
alone and weary my candle light forms
oh now,i cry,
now i see the sights on the night I die
is this how it is in everyones life?
the next morning is ripe with humbled feelings
I hope to teach you somthing
I want to hear you say anything
my suit of armor was knicked on the battle field
my eyes have been shoveled out by decay
take my hand and show me the way,fellow brother
take the pain away in one last grasp,oh the nights are over and we never spoke a word
but you stood with me in gettysburg
and now I fiend for us to run
sit alone
give up
conquer the risk of never grasping as much as they could
but us
in a helping hand into the
and outer realm of the stars
you and I combine for a minute to play god
the night is warm.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

people are envious of this life I lead...they tell me,and Im just running around cold broke and hungry. Loneley on these april morning listening to the pitter patter of the rain as the telvision screen flashes pictures of a national championship I should have given a thought friends keep calling me,seeing that I havent died...its intresting they never did that till I made it clear that I would be homeless for this year,I know they care,its just this nail bed is more comfortable then any pillow ive ever felt at rest with,and all my pillows were stuffed with opiates and stimulats. I have text messages from various wemon,most in texas,some california,arizona and denver...I have emails from a few more in similar states,one over seas,and one on the road about 7 hours west of me...I could wander down town and cop pretty much any lady I see...confidence and good stories.pained artist and a project for women who were born to be housewives...I go down all night,until the sun rise,then I get back at it several more times...i was built to talk,smoke,draw and fuck...and if this sounds pretentious then get your inches up,only jealousy,or a ceartin misunderstanding gets in the way of the things I discuss...the funniest part is ive been celibate for months...when you can have everything in the world why ask for it all at once? missunderstanding on presentation to the universe. I found her..that one...the one who makes you give up it all...even if its not this life I know our souls were once one...I feel it in her I hadent seen her in years the second i met her...and Im to afraid to call text do anything but sit here and write poetry for her because I cant be next to her...I could but I feel as though its not the right alone..again,i sit and pick flowers ripping their peddles to the wind...Im crippled with love,so much so her name alone makes my face turn from a blank slate to a glowing thunderous roar complete with lightning bolts and overturned trailor park homes...I cant even get your picture out of my mind. its been there for months now and all I do is sit here and wait...the universe has been kind to me thus my queen of the road,my life,our stars

Saturday, April 2, 2011

theres powder all over everything
the ground is levitating
ive sprouted horns
thorny rose bushs encase these palms as i stare down movie star wet dreams
the moabe desert would castrate before we saw anything
strong words for a plot boss with no cause
just paid by the hour,ten pyramids to a dollar bill totem pole
scower the city for another powder puff muff diver
ill be sky high by 8am,wandering aronund flea markets in the upper saint clair township of north pittsburgh,pennsylvania
smoking marlbo menthols while I scratch my nostrels because of recent deposits
I think its the vhs tapes,or the n64 games,or the 3 foot bong rips
this lifestyles getting more outrages
Ive been living on tv dinners and skinned knee antics,and placebo cream & artificial sugar cakes
black water souther rituals not for the weak stomachedindividuals
mixed media stencils that are so ritualistic its rude to compare anything to them
for the simple fact that lightning strikes the temple of a hardworking
ruptured spleen in a hospital bed,and Im doin this

Friday, April 1, 2011

I fell down some stairs

falling asleep in a past life
I was as honest as a Denver man can be
with half a brain, a roomkey and a whole ki
a nation of pirates who we ride with who sleeps in your city streets
dirty,dusty and on small doses of what ever our heads need at the moment
no chromotosing...youll never wish to live so long
beards growin and your listening to the same dead song day after day
because its the only alone time you can ever get
blessed be the boy who comes in ragged clothes
scripture dosent even do it for me any more
ive stared down the lord and the devil and ive breathed a thunderus roar
boats exploded down in the river quarry and the sun quickly was drwoned by the storms
summers lonely blues
dark purple hearts of tours and acts of heroisim and noses full of heroin
Im near and trimbleing...close to the moons radiant glow
ripe with anticipation and hope
the night wont be like most...
the next smile may come with tears
its hard not to be yourself out here
city lights
bookstore after cafe full of pretentious critics and the driving force of earths
we grew up to stand tall and knock down these barriers but I find myself on facebook
or playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in time in ps3
because I feel like I have nothing better to do..
oh these days in houses are strange
no adventureing...drained from looking back and forward on the upcoming and past days
trained in the way I should think
on a never ending GO of time and theatre
we are creatures of a deep blue sea that is suspended pat jupiter and distant starscapes
breaking hands on the old the keyboard thats missing an s
a body that drank to much the night before
expolsion from your first bars
fell down some stairs
I think my lifes become a palinuck book
i think I dispise charles manson even more now
I cant...fuck it i want a god damn cigarette.

sting song

theres a comfort in pen names

that you made them...they didnt make you


its easy to get lost

...Son of a bitch!..

is it ever..

the suburbs are cut throat in the otts...people'll slice your fucking neck off

subconcience reality takes hold...

everyones family and an alpha dominator


everyones an infant too..a technological renissance for the old and new

proof that humans can continue

even if we are helped by extra terrestrials

or by the secret of the ooze.

I keep being told im leonardo

but im donatello

or michaelangelo

I never butt heads with raphel.

I accept him for how he handles his own agenda

how his perception veiws me is circle takes the square

giving up is a realitive term

here in y2ks cross hair

nothing happened because they waited a year.

remember september eleventh, as england remembers november 5th

feared and full of outrage in a controled temperment

as thomas jefferson once said:

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

and excuse me for refreshing the masses that history is our greatest assest


Damnit,I'll take your lords name in vain

because he comes with a price tag and a brand name

I am the son of a con man who preached a good fight

to the pope

& the methodist congregations of north texas

but they stole his FUCKING soul

and I'll cuss and watch porn while drinking the grapes I procured in crushed in wine form

how can you not respect Jupiter,Saturn...The Moon

how could you say theres nothing to do with the sun sits above you

how could you say theres no one to love you while people are crushed by your movements



we dance this life as a prize fighter in a battle weve already won

my only regret is I didnt live in the light longer

I was stronger when the world was head was in perscription form

Now I gave my soul to the winds of paintbrushs and keyboard strokes

hugs from people who will legitemently miss you more and more as the story goes on

and your on a farm in southern organ with leah bodenhammer

singing songs

or emailing eduardo jones the first copy of the book youve only read to your father

mother & brother

and him telling you: 'Word."

To funding the beat as this heart grows and our goals become obtaineable in what may have been snow

but summer comes on strong

and it may never end...thanks to global warming...or some shit

disregard assasenation eye for an eye kids...remember it

never let anyone tell you no

because now is knowing

and never eat pizza off a carpet...regardless of toppings...or monitary goals

These arent commands,my word,this is LOGICAL

pen names transform too

earlier today I was DR.DOOM

plotting the assasination attempt on my charecter with forbiden wisdom

manifesting hurt in ones mine can be just as physically damaging

I sat over my notebook and held in a cry that is bubbling up inside of me and may choke me completly of speech

but im free

the universe works for people I hold dearest to me...the people you hold dearest to you

like rachel.

my cousin of 21 years,seperated only by 6 days in birth

I swear humans I cant make this stuff up.

our lives paralleled until her father,my uncle,has an anuerisum as we were in first grade catholic school and detention

I lived with my principal because my teacher dispised me

her brother an ex priest like my father...the displeasement is verbalized on my 1996 Our Lady of Victory. year book

I can prove that shit.

Sister berneice was as old as my tiny mind could conceive...she felt the situation...she was an energy reader...

we took walks threw the grave yard...exploring the well and the ruins of the old church and nunery

the scene,to paint a picture,was stone grey and neon forest green

early twentieth century bricks held the "hard part" of Ft.Worth..

edgecliff village: where racisim is home.

Paralleled in my minds eye is the time I treked all of charlotesville with vera-anne chelsea,a beautiful island girl with one of the most intresting minds and man by her side that ive met to this day (keep it weird charlie)..anyway...

we hiked to common areas drinking whiskey and drawing WU tang symbols with sidewalk chalk on their wall for doing that very thing

old jake was with us,a nine year old pooch who is big as beethovan was in that one movie...anyway...

across the rusty train tracks,with trick boards for you to fall and slip in to the swift river that has debrie a drift

a few hundred yards and we hop the track

over onto the ruins of a wall in the form of a concrete slab

we wander down to the factory (which john later explained was a union uniform sewing company)

we had discussed earlier we needed to climb things

the ruins of the smoke stack held modern cave drawings littered by cans of aerosal

black,green,grey.RAINBOW took the pain away.

It made sense why we didnt say anything,it was the same scene as sister berniece

that same era cold ness.and sensory memory of bodies who had laid down their lives in refrence too

our smiles kept us safe as we read memorials to the men who had died on those rail ways

we sat by the water till we built courage to scale walls

falls were present in mind but not on the list of things to do

the sun splattered our clothes and our muddy shoes

we both wore sun glasses and our favorite clothes that afternoon.

we too worked our thoughts threw the grave yard: mine of abandonment...hers of being to nice...with nothing to prove

reenactments of night of the living dead did ensue

"there coming for you margret"

we made grilled cheese and french fries...watched anime

it felt nice to be in love and not have to touch to prove it...william seward bonnie needs a family more than I do...





according to those who rarely hear from him these days

they wonder why he isnt at his moms house playing video games going to steak and shake...


I still have to do as splinter says...operate as shreddar would.

Manipulation of time and space is easier than the manual said

its 2011

"Zed's Dead,baby."

We can get the blue berry pancakes another day...



pile drive skull fuck
wild eyed night full of shit and no strings attached powdered substances
it gave us the shivers up next to the river in between 6th and forever streets
I remember when we use to bring girls here,
share booms and key bumps here
get wild in these steam filled ally ways drinking brass monkeys and trailor park hand gernades.
stare at the stars threw the equal holes in the stairs
where panties were open registers
it was as grimey as greed & gold
until the sun made us reflect upon a source.
get it alone in these sweltering cities where the heat follows me up and down side streets,
at least until weve swallowed our pride and baggies and looked terror in the eyes as laughter poured out laced by our lines which were riddled with satisfaction
smack and hash
youth is an arrogance factory,
life is an endless waltz with broken bones in sores and toes.
bongs and four bars to tote as we toked along the sheet graveled boulevard which is why we makes masks of these battle scars and why all my tapes are bootleg or from pawn shops off colfax boulevard
no straight shots,only straight fire tipped arrows,available for peircing skulls and mirror images of a souls reflection,
if you do right no one shall harm unless of course you protect the ones who are in a god ego
stop snitiching didnt start in the suburbs...but its found a way home.
a new army of mindless drones drenched in calogne with more expensive wardrobes then the trap houses and squats ive wallowed in
the only warmth and light a cell phone and the knowledge that I have a place to sleep for the moment while their mother is scared shitless their house is gonna get made.
Un corte en la garganta de los jovenes
una falla del gobierno en las sombras
vamos a estar en nuestras tumbas con grilletes en sonrisas!!!!!!!!!!!

Our swingset is a spaceship

lacking words
or young adults who knows how to bend time and space for primitave brain self explorement
a collected unconcience conceicely sabatoageing jurassic hearts to poured chalices
I have been frozen in thine eyesight.
in every sense,my Juliet/Harlequinn
star crossed lover who has no trouble about falling into it.
Its not often you look your lover over centuries in the iris
I have seen this.
at one time we were both cats undeneath a blanket of stars\now we telepathically lay out land mines to blow apart each others wants,though like a double helix
we twist passionatly until we find were at a zenith
of needs for the heart
and if this love is so consequentual then let the world stop
Ive never understood GOD until she and I laughed for hours about...nothing...the somthing...was so far from the mind it found oblivioun in our courage
I woke up drenched in her jacket like it was chrismas morning,she skipped her classes for coffee.
I skipped with her for hot choclate
we shared chairs and told each other what discusted us
which wasnt much but my vices that kept me realitivly sane and sober even after Dark Star tour was over..
closure is somthing ive always been a fool over
Ive never musterd up courage to say good bye to her...even now my eyes well up when I think about the world
how discustingly large it can seem
but in comparisson..theres nothing that can make me feel more light hearted
then a note on a computer screen that simply read:
I love you so much my speech bleeds ink.

ashtray mouth

Practicality is simply the way of the gun
put to the temple of a jungle,
kalidescope visions tumble and reform
thoughts become mosaics on the cross walk of subway tickets
and road maps to numerous homes
holes...youd snap your legs off for them.
pitch black devestator,have you birthed chaos threw emancipation
oh sleeper...awake and take your place next to this solider of torture
pain is watching these judas goats burn in a fernace
might as well flick your cigarette butts in for good measure.
daughters of a revolution let me blossom with you into a desiel engine conversion
clean burning,we grind our pistons to boney powdered milk
poisoned by the brawl of these auburn hills
glowing towers that rape the skyline
remind us how to feel.
intrigued by a system whos spine is gilded and shivering coins
machinery as soft as silk runs from the top of my soul
as I vomit rainbows into the oil spill of mexico.
I feel as though were a constilation of smart individuals
but then again who am I to judge
I have no javelin to hurl threw your tounge
I see no labodamies done?
no assumptions nessicary,scary sacred split second decisions in this the matrix
I want to hear your breath before I take your scalp and paint it
savage is best describing this word count.
Sleep now,or forever hold your eyes to an artifical sun.


it hurts every second the thought cums
I clean myself curled up in a ball of a stand up shower
steam makes my sinuses wild...liquid metal running over the raw open tip which forms into blood at the top of my lip and makes these hours even harder to swallow
Im tired in being chained to the thought of her skin
its not what I wanted,which makes this thought process pumped full of vinegar and piss
this must be this where the rainbow ends?
I stand in the mirror and contemplate a richie tennanbaum montage
I look down in the sink and all thats playing is elliot smiths "see you in heaven"
Inside I dance.
the sunlight and this roof top makes me feel almost weightless,like all my problems will be over today.
Like I could make it look like I didnt I just fell off the side
cigarette,you chain me to this thought
I look at the street four stories up


Im such a creep
id turn my brain off,but all itd do would dream
I see your eyes like roses floating on top of a pond when the lights go off
and im wrestled to sleep by the sounds of humming cars
the bars id sing for you would not do justice to the volcanic emotions im beaming with
I tried telling myself to cool it
but all that happens is an explosion of artistic movements
muse,why are you picture perfect
I couldent have designed you better in a lab
I wouldent want to anyway.
given in the chance id bask in your light for days
displeasure is absent from this face
this poem is so juvenile and written in haste
but its hard to not write your name on everything
so I discretly hide it away inbetween lines
and stanzas so when tonight comes
we can say nothing to anyone


Id tear out your heart you coward
thrashing your brains about with these hands of sprouted outpourings of hatred and repentance
simple sentences couldent do you justice you filthy two faced sewed lip delinquent
what would your mother do if she knew
unfathomed self destruction
we wouldent need to build new families if the universe wasnt as kind or as knowledgeable
watch the world turn
I didnt run because I thought I needed to find somthing to run from
blown apart hands holding handguns,im burned from the sun and the metal compass
the one on my hand will do just fine
I sleep threw days and wake in the nights to find I was born
and shall die past midnight.