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Monday, September 19, 2011


come sit quietly on the door step of the palace
let the palidromes avalanche out of that mouth like
translate the lightning!
transcribe the brain waves
manifest desires like life of the tundra
sightless beings in controlled pain.
wild in manners,despair and strange praise of timing,
swinging sweetly on every syllabul and speech by dilatonts
like meek martyers taking a weeks paid vay cay
to infect support.
we spared the likes of the quiet and malnurshed,
because their votes count too..
well educated willing to let their sperm spray...
lets take a quantum leap in our kindness
and self seperation
cherished simply by the ones who cared,we kept them in our eye sight
for all is fair
and childish in the right mind
but left is our whereabouts,similar paradoys form diffrent spouts
the life waters of knowledge is why we drink from them
a fountain that breeds loud mouths
so in modesty its held
the very cell of reproduction.
repurcussions breed times of war and nose bleeds for the house hunters
long sleevs for the couch blood doners
dancing on the footsteps of lonesome
its dove season
were blowing holes in that wisdom.
call it an olive branch syndrome
spewing tactics like sick ass fissures
reading scriptures to please the mass of drones
clones come and grow
under neath the marketing lights and currency showers
there we see the final power
of lust for the unknown.
what a bone head move
young men
seems its time to ascend with battle axes and felt tip pens
spray cans
a vision...
what that is,though,is why I mention it
we all cant do it alone.

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