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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I wrote your name with every lightning bolt and thunderous crackle
from every storm that blew in over this pacific seaboard from offshore
this summer was spent in a perpetual haze,that has hastely given way to more serious
If fangs you see,then i shall leave...every action by ones self cant be seen fully
in their own depth...leaving the convinced,often in disbeleif.
death...its timeless and draining,most of the things we think do or say have us
complaing,claiming to be trapped like mental slaves...
so onto the drug stores...or back to the back woods
try to snag a bible and some tranquiliuzers,
myself,just a nap
I'am no diffrent,if not so more lost...Its hard to recover from a seaon abroad
so the only options are giving up
or going furthur.

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  1. A bible and some tranquilizers! Sounds very monkish and retreatful.