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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

the steel walls

Theres no real way to explain how I think of whats waiting
whats given,or to even mention this slight dementia
its got me ripped up,
inside throwing knives against a blank wall
small feats compared to the feelings deep in this meat,flesh and bones
blown away by the diplomas that set me apart from those in a coma
about what the "real world" can apply too
but since my troubled youth ive found a mutiny abloom
those who can change the world for the better dont want to
simply love themselves too much too
for enlightenment can lead to ego,when arrogance seems due
but the truth of the matter is it all exsists in you
in us,the uncollected concience of a billion souls lost
and this heaven we speak of is simply being
and experencing the beauty that is all around you,instead of expecting it to be at the end of this life we often times mistake as a prequal
but dosent it need to be equal to the sequel to be great
or could it all just eliminate the proceedings
could this world be a fake
it dosent really matter cosmically whats at stake,not at this juncture anyway
you can only be a beautiful componenet to an everchanging landscape
who need doers more than sayers in this world of technology
these words are but vessels for interpretation
my seeming wisdom could lead one to failure
for it is not my intention,it is just what is
so with that being said
free your head
write your own manifesto by hand...prefferably in the sands
for time washes away all sins

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