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Monday, August 29, 2011


I keep seeing angels in my dreams
& also figureitively speaking
its pleasing to know where to turn to in times of self loathing
shameless promoting
and and underlining notion that the only thing bogus is what you want to know it is
pop quiz: how many times have you been left hoping that pain isnt what it seems it is
I listen and envision...keep my jizz to a minimum.
when the jawwing starts I tend to fall off from what the crowd wants
a subconcience napolean bon apart with a silver heart
always on a conquest of love and understanding the art
though this lifetime its of my chakras and mind melts bud
spell blendings and whirlwinds of cannibus smoke
and an overwhelming sense of when things begin
and end.
I feel weird that only hand fulls of people get THIS
in its most basic sense
though I know we all do at some level
yet to master love is
in essence
an inexplencible coincidence by two individuals
and their constant thoughts
but it is also similar souls on a pepindicular path
the aftermath being the aformentioned
and in time a new being.
I sit in the chapel singing
is this what the whole evening was meaning
its pleasing to not be so alone
in the grand eyes of the world
soul sisters
soul brothers

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