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Monday, December 29, 2014

I think about you all the time.
I hope that's fine.
I know sometimes you think about me...
my heart starts fluttering
& my ears blush-
like this love was something unique.
& I swear I can hear you in the wind & trees
you're a symphony my darling
one I love to sing
through all this struggle
& scenic routes of the heart
you are still the only one I dream about.

come & run away with me

george co-stanzas


like a weight off of my mind


might as well pretend to be blind


like the only thing I have in my life

besides time

& that's always sliding


again with the perks

its like money is all that matters anymore

Id rather just love my work

I think these dreams

are my life's greatest work

it really helps me figure out

what its all worth
what if it was all for mental health?

the disappearing acts

the weightlessness of love as its felt

the masquerades of a thousand moments

how could someone ever adequatley tell

all that they've received & dealt

like gift baskets littered the stairwell

I just didn't have the patience to help

alone again

as if this feeling ever corrected

I could write for hours on the times

I’ve felt neglected

I imagine we all could

self pity,hatred & doubt

those feelings you never truly vocalize

let alone get out

I think this country is founded on it

the willingness to overlook karma

what if its all for a trophy shelf?

the reformation of craft

the weight of the mast that sails us into the sun

masquerades of the only moments that matter

drained out by the setting months

Thursday, December 25, 2014


here it is
a long wordy dissertation on the state of elation
and how it gets this way...
a wasted Sunday morning with bashful hearts on display,
this life is a land mine waiting to detonate.
thats why the innate paper chase
and I let it flow my way.
How deserving can one soul be
of so many luxuries from across the sands
to me it seems treacherous to leave leafs unturned
& for no turn to be un-stoned
clothed,I walk naked threw this material world
the more Ive come to know
the less Ive hated & the more I've
strong words for a narcissist with no
no motifs
constantly quoted
but its all so
loaded notes over bloated hopes has her on the floor
ready to toast to a life she was never suppose
to know.
Its really quite sweet,
this bitter defeat
the agony of never having anything go your way
and have everything end up exactly as it needs to
my lease will run up
of this im sure
my cup will runneth over
this I dont plan for

marsha marsha marsha

long bearded man-child
driving at top gear on a motorized
david icke.
half hour power outage
brain circuts circus
I think im into belly dancing & murmurs in isolated hearts.
submerged memories;crumbled pages of memoirs
battle scars so hideous they need beauty marks
star charts
dark arts
& the way she walks alone in the park
unafraid of sharks
I mumble out sparks,I see stars
the faults at least
all I do is write bars
at bars
on bars

man found alive in a marsh


doped up at the family christian outlet store

bored with the words Ive been hoping for

its like why even write when you know whats in store

"I love you blahblahblah" u knoW…MAYBE I WANT MORE

mostly from myself for once

sure you can release a book every 3 months

but whats it all worth since you had all this help

not everything is meant to be published or outsourced

like a loud burst I came forth from the netherworld with mounting chores

wordplay swordplay & the ability to string sentences like storms

like why even take a day off when your this sore

choose the single chores you wish to court

hope for the best and let the rest be guess work

don't fear…just start it

then maybe one day the motions will become cathartic

realize you are art

no matter what the canvass

hold up…I'm sorry I started to panic…

back at the Fannnnzzz sports memorabilia store

thinking how outlandish the term

"best there ever was" was

tan lines from my moment in the sun

mine & yours

I love a lot of things

that you don't


that's what scares me the most.

I do a lot of drugs

that you wont

while the ones you do

are not my first choice.

I have a lot of hate in my heart

& often times a faint voice

you have a lot of fear in yours

reluctant to make a choice.

none of these writings have

ever been to prove a point

being in love with you is

a fact in which I rejoice

all my bros keep going

"don't show any emotion"

"be stoic"

when it comes to how I treat you

I'd much rather be honest

I'm a human

some times I win

mostly I'm hobbled in shades of black & blue

I hope you see these truths

I'am simply not trying to be used

for emotional support // physical touch

or my willingness to do good


let me know

what it is to love

give me hope

as if to triumph

spend your time

on pages of brush

wild fire in a feild of sage

as if the universe needed smudging

I stay quiet

when its time to sleep

I have no trouble speaking

in times of need

I gave her my heart

as if trust was weeping


as a gift of receiving