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Thursday, December 22, 2011


spherical aberrations in this underground lair
full of mirrors to snag yourself upon
wormholes to wander around...
"trip the void" whispers the crowd
though a heart moves on.
blonde bombshells rain upon this eastern flatlines
my mindseye wanders hand in hand with yestertimes
new moons of a horizon
clandescent interface...after the raid,beers...
change...we hear it takes years...
but hours is ours.
three cheers for drum rolls,though my mind is a
labyrinth with a minatour inside.
and bells toll,but I am not alive.
dead along with this head
my ego & I.
along with the trash I threw to the side/
earthly desires.
she is in my mind.
but its more pleasent then grime
and this grind
is old
so it kicks my heart which sends a twitch as soon she starves me from her mind
but will collapse in each others arms
and life
we'll start up anew.

or not.

and those are the truth.

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