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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I have a gorilla on my back

let it sink threw your sockets and ear drums

a comfort slave of modern times

realize you are the peice that defines

this is our time.

it is the year of our lord;
and there are herds.

seperate gospels will be heard.
I would not let them define my words,
or derive from my course,
of course it was easier said then thought
especially when the fourth wall was abolished
and the cities were an afterthought.
we paced frivilously threw foliage drenched in brain storms

gone are the lost years Ive come to see were also my own

now I pace with an open bottle of pinot grigio
alone for the moment.
cascade of colors and Im drenched in the undettones of your beautiful
fractured skull
but these open mouths havent said a word.
it seems we've been blessed by correct guessestements
affected by the measures
taken by those who underestimate

time to rise up,

for the begining is blooming


and over due

screw the picket lines...the real change lies in you

in US

we are the LOVE in REVOLUTION


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