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Sunday, November 27, 2011


I wrote your name with every lightning bolt and thunderous crackle
from every storm that blew in over this pacific seaboard from offshore
this summer was spent in a perpetual haze,that has hastely given way to more serious
If fangs you see,then i shall leave...every action by ones self cant be seen fully
in their own depth...leaving the convinced,often in disbeleif.
death...its timeless and draining,most of the things we think do or say have us
complaing,claiming to be trapped like mental slaves...
so onto the drug stores...or back to the back woods
try to snag a bible and some tranquiliuzers,
myself,just a nap
I'am no diffrent,if not so more lost...Its hard to recover from a seaon abroad
so the only options are giving up
or going furthur.

Saturday, November 26, 2011


some times the most pivitol moments are digital
rituals become stipulations in relationships when meniscule feelings are foreboading
I was roaming the streets of Athens one morning when I realized I loved her
and that the whole experience was foreshadowing...but what...
as maddning as it seems,I felt my actions were extreme
I simply had to evacuate the scene...for my say the least...
god complexes manifest in those with improper philosiphy...philianthropy...
beleif and moral structures, and true realizations of being
treason of ones own soul is as low as neglect of kinfolk,untold troubles unfold
Ive learned first hand,but they know I take these footsteps to become a better man
to become the sensai I as a boy longed for...but there were countless souls who helped shape and mold...and there will be more...tis a blessing an' a curse..
first off,off top,my motto used to be stomach rot with cough syurp and anti anxiety
drugs,no hugs,the love came from the perscriptions I hid in the candy jar atop my dresser drawer...fucked up shit is I had it since I was a kid...full circles will twerp that old mind a yours...send you to go blow more of mommy and daddys income they worked so hard for..
fuck it..pawn the stero...
pawn the drum kits,laptops & televisions. skip your online classes.
diffrent cities can be full of children just as lost as your head is
some lose their "ours" or "mines"
mine was a struggle of the mind.
time after time I speak realitivly sound sentences,but in this brain theirs minutes when I feel I could be in peril of giving in...
getting up was a struggle...even when the skyline of the city that I find peace in was the only thing in my eyeline...I honestly went to the mile high to die...but threw that I found life..though that was the road...and though it isnt much it is my home...the place where my soul is free like the albatros...gliding with his interlocked wings atop the jet stream..or if these walls could scream
theyd tell the story of a man with nothing but time on his hands
comprising a scheme that could be the end of him
but then again,it all ends...and to have some control in this life is nice...but to live it like youve never seen daylight..well...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

I keep feinding for
light streams threw each crack in the blinds...
I find the nights are not as it seems
we kept our toes in seprate oceans
seperated only by distance &
connected frontol lobes...
or at least mine searching for
fine words for normal hearts who have not a concept of NEED...
wanted faults slowly flaunt in the face of knowledge...
for I have a desire that
speechs barely do
imagery becomes suspect when your words cant cover the circumfrence
the scale of her love..
I lust to hear her words...
to be in her presence
is all


com trueisn
usin bruises as excuses to prove usefull to fail proof movements,
however foolish it is I find I have the tendencies of a ruthless tyrant
relentless and tirelessly spiked by all the anphedamines I mouthed off
sound proof...
compiled desires
and all the quilting square is in my wallet
thats for my head
dont you dare go and knock it
but goin broke is not an option
the same as goin home
to some.
at least the preaching let some belif in,
I hadent grown weary to ALL
the residents drank like it was the weekend
and we spend...spun...
the rest of the night in clear sin
reprhinsinble actions
with no spin.
turns to nose goes
dilatonts to
and as far as a stones throw
the wind blows
the ITs known
but never is
IT shown/
like the calls werent enough
we let the metal alloy rust until we werent partial...
it was like waking up 2000 years from this present moment
with only a token of what once
I think the triangles in the atmosphere signled I was home
or the heavy breathing...
or when she looked into my soul...
the morning.

Friday, November 18, 2011

F L O S S I N ?

in the cheeseburger nebula
GRIMETIME LIVE for the motherfuckin THRILL of it
a glass FULL of scotch and a cigar full of indica
toasten to them kids whom y'all rarely ever figure OF
dont speak a sentence,simp,let the blimp roll into vision
"the world is yours..."
...then why them jawns rarley mention it?
I find static is a hard base to give credit too//where credits due
once its envaded vessles,its like bids become limitless and truths becomes
pesos breakin sightlines like vandals learnin virtues under lamposts...
hands open.eyes focused,letting youth roll by while manifesting a new opus..
bogus honeys think Im talkin showbiz,haha no no lovelys....
im talkin locust.plauge type spit.mixin loaded frontol lobe LOVE potions//limbic system keep me in and out of polepositions,
lest I mention
only rorshacks keeps me focused...I know my no-no'z
dope keeps me bloated,bro... then phantom aka GHOSTz
hard to fathom the drastic measures taken to the
breakin,no fakin,to many stipulations gone get you messed UP
fuckin BASE LOVE.
heard lakes make great make shift graves,FAKE-UHS!
constantley elevating.consitently relating it to elievating while displacing these old brain waves pacings
and im off in my


its like I see universes sway


I dont feel infuriated

nor am I less blessed by the trust nor the scrutinu
its like my kids are in my head tellin me to RUN THAT SHIT.
and I roam by the moon light
talkin how I spoke that BIZ..
now I spoke my set..
and I loc'd that trip..
no training,just how I



Saturday, November 12, 2011

fine dining

the smoke billows from this old cannibus pipe
I cant help but feel alive on such a night like tonight
at times I find the desire arent of the leaf but the taste of fire
wire tap to wire tap I hear ten digits offer centerfolds
and smile louder as the counter measures break
and are placed gently in the bellows
my slow roll is stunted by the alarm of thine undertones
who beckons for the generation of graves left hanging on the gallows
brave young minds tormented by collapse and radical fathoms
the facts? the broken focus is written in the breaks of the stanzas
heavy hands spin heavy hearted banter
fellow mantras fell in order,but the luminescense spoke its cander
and like dander the generation moved with each scratch and dance step
gobbling each scrap like a one legged lab rat
mathematical attractions spoke facts but left paths factioned
for minds to spin like rollercoasters and battle axes
raddled blasts found sound reason in the logical deduction of mass
reducing outcomes
but greif of the soul told no lie that could exact the facts
saturated by the nuances our young hero stepped back..
then took his time dismantiling each camp...
rebuilding them seizure by annurisum.
**watch your back**


hercualean peace offerings of smoke
to these droolin medusas
provin every once in a while night skys are worth
im seeing movements with my eyes stiched
sippin outta dis glass chalice
seeing fragments of thoughts in the counter balance
helplessly rallying these malice hearts in patterns of tramp stamps along magnefiecence,claims of the feat..
some call it shelter,I call it promise and hope of limitless talent
back out in this red planet full of falicy,
I only have the capicity to fathom masterpeices.
preach to street brats with bleech in their anal cavity
prophicies which point to how
operate,disorientate...such great faith fate has graced upon
move in unison,found is common ground amongst the weeds
leave not death upon
or life
becomes breif
What the MAFUCKIN problem
me and my chariots frolic-in
treatin kids like models
smashin mandolins over bashful
straight mobbin em.
such sins may offend ceartin EHEM
in reality they should comend that these tactics that have been recently implimented
and marvel at how easy it gets lost in the divedends
listen in
or learn how tragedy is just an act of fate sneakin in
even when
mimics are like synics and or systs once you gig em you must drain them
out of commishin or deal with
fame is
if its the only thing you came here for
bore me with your stories of your mansions or your chains
and toys.
boys and girls be filled with no regret or
training for deploy.
material things are simply only skin deep
fevers that will burn out with each brand new alloy
reasons over logic is frivilous in several causes
take pauses and seek accomplishments
compliment those you love and
seek hands to help you up
this is not preaching,but just a plee from your fellow bRUH
Im havin a bad day too
lets try and end
that sadness,
radd to the
in this earthly palace.

in the hour

I feel like Im chasing a unicorn
a dragons to harsh
Itd be a farce to claim
so I opened this heart
spoke thoughts on a larger scale
then previously marked
by demons nor angels
no discipline sought

Wednesday, November 9, 2011


2 weeks left.
theres a strange mexican man In my apartment..
no worries though,
hes fixing the light fixtures...
I want to lament to him,
tell him all my sins..
just for the simple fact he'd have trouble answering them,
I mean shit
I am.
now and then I take walks to clear my
break down weed in the bathroom of CVS's
roll doobies,and blaze until Im restless
check out the pretty cashiers with excuses to look at their chestis
just a good customer gathering names before exchanging look
& lessons
festivities are belittled by their close friends text messages
like who he be,
what he think.
what he look like
messy bitches,been hurt by to many "friends" who gained benifits
at moonlight.
tripe,I find psychotropic drugs keeps me free of never being hugged...freinds turn to fucks...some even say they
but the only thing that comes true,is zonein out/
developing new blue prints
not a bad thing...shit
lovers need touch at the in and out..
paitence with your youth or you could be overstating wishful truths..
like MOST people really care for you
lotta of the time its for the loot,
proof is in the tools I use
smiles and a good heart...and the ability to be hungry
without starving.
to need nothing but ears and an open heart,maybe a blanket
and a peice of carpet.
youll find out who your kinfolk is
just be open to the mimics,
the time spent
in limitless reformation of all you had been taught
because you learn it threw diffrent lessons
when you deduce with thought

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

shut up

tore a page out of the Bible,Koran,Torah and The Art of War
rolled it up into a HUUUUGE joint..
lets roll!
(chapter 4:
hatins overated...
bass keeps me elevated.
venaculars spectacular
manors of a dilatont...err,gureilla war lord..
but its faith thats got me alleviated
its trust thats got me lusting for more..
I used to face court dates with sedation
divine intervention told me to stray
forget some you love.....
I sway with the currents of the placement of my physical manifestation
& Im compelled by a deep yearning to be placed in presence
forward I march...on this trail of tears,cheers,regret and fear
only TRUTH seems overdue
but more so

Monday, November 7, 2011


cold hard facts

toothless spirits with ruthless truth

spittin old world relics


I thought my lessons were over

when in fact they've just

sailed off into a


I feel like a shogun.

Im used to havin my nose run,

face numb.

shows how fun the times been..

more keep

a slight buzz keeps me at

arms lenth..

far away from your thoughts

under a symphony of car alarms,

I nod off.

but these docks sway to the sounds of distant horns

and the winds kiss is colder then one would have ever known

unless experiencing it by ones self


the morning is not far


but theres no way I could doze off...

so I walk down the boards to end thought...sad moments lost in private...

but exploding starlight starboard gave hint that this night could hold more

mean more

so I tore thew city streets until the sky had become a bore

and I realized the light of the stars had all been seen before

in diffrent universes

on diffrent planets

with souls much like ours

wondering if theres hope in the universe

and why its all so



I sip outta this glass chalice
seeing fragments of thoughts in the counter balance
rally these malice hearts in patterns of tramp stamps along magnefiecence
some call it shelter,I call it promise and hope of limitless
back out in this red world full of falicy,
I only have the capicity to fathom masterpeices.
preach to street brats with bleech in their anal cavity
prophicies which point to how WE
operate,disorientate...such great faith fate has graced upon
move in unison,found is common ground amongst the weeds
leave not death upon
or life
becomes breif


speak without feeling
my meanings are peaceful in this world of
& greiving
I imagine things could be worst
there could be a thirst for the unimaginitive
grand scheme of feeling is
the picture is beset in all bisects
equivalent in the

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Been gettin to HIGH
fly by,
lie down.
my eyes are toast,shhhiii,
we GHOST and roam
about town.
prehistoric get down
mamed &
sodomized by...sincerely...
a "pal".
we got to roastin them polarizing figures I get eye
while downtown.
triggering psychoactive flash backs
leads to vertigo
and meltdowns/
I stabbed wildly with a ball point pen
been usen these sentences as hells bells and failed attempts to speak out
clearing cobwebs in this dark head
powered by blows to the
now and then
with women Ive laid next to
I strive for peace in this exsitence.
gloat and float on pires of them incenerated frontol lobes
douced in glitter &
barbed wire.
I took a plier to my skull
fell apart in group,
found a miracle in failed tale of
spent the rest of the evening wallowing in
playing high stakes game of poker..
full of suprises a demise
can be
or it can be exactly as it
little extreme to get a point across.
then come discuss topics devoid of
I hope you can re teach my rhetoric
left alone
stars are aligned like lines of
catch focus.
dont get swallowed by the swarm of
locust...their brand names...their media circus.
Id hate to see a promising destiny prove bogus.
cheers to the
I speak only in opus

Thursday, November 3, 2011

I had some visions of holy places we must visit
coincidently I feel youve seen them in your dreams in segments
I need to see you to be in your presence
but Ill take my time as Im taught new lessons
blessings happen
fact is I met you
some how smiles can save lives
others can spell doom
im swept away on currents
with a soul found on mushroomes
zoom,I flutter as Im spooked by the rule
ruthless RIPs
rest in bits
shes got a beauty that I would love to death
I will see her again,and when I do it will be the end
which in my head is the most beautiful begining

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


perfect timing,
writings on the wall..
were redefinig grimey
with every masquerade ball.
follow the wallows,sorrow & laughter of the joker
focus your energy on defining purpose
words come after
except for me words come before,I learn slower
or so I was told
maybe I wasnt meant to do well in school
its cool
I manifest well
my soul is gold
bold is my mouth
it needs trouble
but shit I need her love
and I aint been here long
but back
back across this continet
skimming over home
this time I need to do what Ive always felt should be done


Its nice to hear voices
its better to see faces
basically this life has got me chasin
grandioso dreams of grand central station
Ft worth will always be where I was raised,day after day it hints to my
nofarious ways
notrious case maker
laker hater
agoraphobic risk taker
I still have only cried at one
fate has a funny way of playing favorites
pay rates fluxuate
I used to self medicate
now I do push ups until my body aches
I feel the fake rushing away
I understand the grand scheme of things
at least how I figure
Figure I should have took bigger chances,faster banter with who what when
whys,I stammer and ramble in danger and famen
but its my smile that people believe in.
after all sanity,often times,is a verb
and I only asked for rest and
classic formalitys of falicies in this intrecet net weve weaved
it seems my steps are the only thing guiding me
that and
alpha centauri
on this sfari
Ive tangoed with the
my demise came at the end to the path of light
I can never let go
always hold on,strongolds of this leather bound life
strife is the price
I now accept that all things grow old
all things