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Thursday, December 22, 2011


spherical aberrations in this underground lair
full of mirrors to snag yourself upon
wormholes to wander around...
"trip the void" whispers the crowd
though a heart moves on.
blonde bombshells rain upon this eastern flatlines
my mindseye wanders hand in hand with yestertimes
new moons of a horizon
clandescent interface...after the raid,beers...
change...we hear it takes years...
but hours is ours.
three cheers for drum rolls,though my mind is a
labyrinth with a minatour inside.
and bells toll,but I am not alive.
dead along with this head
my ego & I.
along with the trash I threw to the side/
earthly desires.
she is in my mind.
but its more pleasent then grime
and this grind
is old
so it kicks my heart which sends a twitch as soon she starves me from her mind
but will collapse in each others arms
and life
we'll start up anew.

or not.

and those are the truth.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


champagne snowfall on this capitol hill apartment
christmas in the city.
ghosts roam the park,
my heart is a bubling cauldron
cigarettes are inhaled by counterparts
and the stale thoughts I keep thinking finally get blurted out amongst the coughs...
this mouth,
my greatest enemy.
these fingers,
the accomplicess that lead...
feed me..
sea to sea,
jesus...sway me
I cant complain
my midwest darling is a mermaid...strange,I can barely swim...or break the waves
friends and realitives all grow up quick,me ive been the same since the gardens kinder...tender in love...
ill tell the story of why this makes since...what it means in the grand scheme of thinking.
as for now I wence,and dig my back into the ground for more footing..
Ive seen the effect of bliss
shits a trip
the only fear I have now is my trembiling lips
that theyll betray me to the only thing thats ever been worth thinking
lately she invades each synaptic relay
in the most beautiful way
I see her in the foliage
but such is the
scheme of things.

until the musics older

that thin blue line over the mountain signals the solistice
unexpected,ive become some what of a legend trapped in this coma
roaming and rambling,keeping up with my payments to satan
famous,he goes by slave,brave name for a traitor
and threw meditation I've received favors
and perceived on diffrent astrial planes,
so its safe to say that ive been greater
and I simply embrace pain.


Inside of this brain is the child in my eyes
"grow up,embrace the change"
but I smile..
our redemption
I've heard,
is also our demise.
...oh If I could get lost in the cosmos
and super massive black holes
then this solitary life would spent carving words into soft cedar pine
on a desk of mahogeny oak.
stained by sweat and the emotions Ive held inside since I was 7
and I came to grips with time
starting down the baptismal alter of the old catholic church
those cathardic ruins
trapped in my spine
deep grey stone in canpoy green
kalideiscope light
and in the misma of the steam
as my brain screams,and my body is reemed threw galactical portals
it occurs to me
but you can never be strong
you can only be free