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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Im drinking like whitman
I must have left the burroighs faze
im in a daze,but thats because love is in the way
punch drunk,belly up
humilitys the name of the game
but im as humble as tsunamis rain
reign of terror for the error of my ways
old friends would stab me if they had a chance to see me again
so I sit in silence as the televison plays


sweating in the sweltering streets of southern industrial
pick your poison,prevent political lovehandles
veluptious breasts in her mouth
now what were we dueling over?
about and around,soundwaves bounce threw train tracks and hand me downs
at least my family are hard workers
I on the other hand..
the arts is an unforgiving realm,at least for years until your words are found
until you give it all up for the here and now
and that continues until your coffin drowns
or in my case your body burns
ashes twisting and laughing up into the lost world
the one we should forget about until our thoughts reverb
scorched feelings on the come down
hands held on the mountain
she is in my dreams every night so no conversation needs to happen
were two blue dots on oppisite sides of the shade spectrum
my old friends had erections
i can tell by the amount of children I just met
them is us for no apparent reason
i could have easily pursued her
and her
and shes in denver thinking
even now I still could,but bombs come before babies in this gloom
nuke em
crack open their spinal chords and drink the nectar

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mark ass bitches

IM laying in this bed with my middle school dream girl
record playing
bowls burning
IPAs and most of our clothes are on the floor
but were just laying here talking
opening up...drowzy and somewhat drunk from the whiskey..
but i couldent tell her theres someone else...who ive never kissed...
and i havent kissed the other so whats the fucking point of this.
I get calls...colorado area codes
sleepy night time talk
of course theres a boyfriend
there always is..thats my M.O
stealing women from their men
conceptually more so
i guess
hypocrits,alianating words of undisclosed misconception
I wish some one would TRY to fucking fight me
physically manifest why im emotionally drained
I see that look in their eyes
id simply bear hug them and whisper its not you its me
grow up a little bit,or dont fuck everything you see
or dont be a crying whiney pussy
ive got more problems to deal with them fuck boys on 6th street
fuck boys in westy
fuck boys in general
because im a fuck boy too
just a diffrent breed of stupid
i want to join a cult
stop thinking and just be
drink the kool aid
sleep under purple sheets


i want to see the worms
deep and sweet underneath
i want them to hear the words from beyond my teeth
who has taught us well?
i hear hell in the tales
or spells
the witchcraft grabs sails
rape us with gods current
its a love triangle in the four courners of this rock in outer space


i want to be beaten
to see the heat
the 5-0 runnin up my medical bill so the settlements and blackmailing will sease
i want to have a seizure
convulse into a bush
awake and see all my friends over me
not just one


are you in there?
Its william.
no one cares.
not until its brought up
and thats just until your here in the physical.
out of sight isnt out of mind
its a stored emotion to a particular event in time
thats why I dont think we'll ever fall out of love
meine kempf/meine engel.
(so many refrences to the capital of australia)
hoola hoops and jingling dangleys
to think
I was so close to giving it up
giving it all away
having to bring out the dental records due to self mutilation
oh reflection brings anxiety
how could
even ever think like this?
(how could you exsist at the same time in the same hemosphere...your like a puzzle peice)
So many skeletons in the parlor for an honest man
but honesty is a fantasy in some heads
so I leave and never return until the seasons change
I dont wish to meet all these new people,
to bare my soul...
this is the bi product of the road (falling in love with those in and of it)
no one needs to know all the friends Ive seen go straying
no one needs to hear about all the past love & law enforcement patrols swaying
court and nights I spent alone with a candy jar full of my mother and fathers medicene cabinet from the years gone by
that it started here,or there...or on browntrail road on october 31st 2004
that every one saw it and let it sit there...but really what do you say to the peeps you blow lines with
...why the fuck was every one such delicate middle men when it came to my agenda
why did I grow up all by myself again
playing in the hallways
in the churches
of north texas,
alone in my head.
( manifesting blonde dreads)
I wake up in the morning in cold sweats from the years of antocedemedophine
whiskey and inhalent binges
that these were realitys and could happen again
I couldent sleep for years without anything
I toss and turn in the morning heat
escaping the demons from behind these blonde eyelashes that I still see
oh the mirror is a painful place
especially dimly lit ones in dirty bathrooms across the united states
while your compadres sleep threw the sunday morning and the indianapolis show was just another bank roll
and by morning will be in the comfort of lou and xachs home
all you have to do is drive all night on a head full
across the dark I70 stretch threw ohio
the morning comes...
(that her love keeps me safe)
oh how life gets so seperated by two diffrent lives
yours and mine.
some day ill be payed to be schitzophrenic
until then
I weep
and sit in absolute awe of the presentation of all of this
good god,
i keep living.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

'she had huge brains!

vomiting 8 bit arcade graphics
slapstick comedy ensues
pleasureful feelings
old fashioned
mens room
stash the expensive underwear
out the fire escape,open air
whales falling from a mid day sky
how much is a soul worth on ebay
great lakes brewery
whats going on!? why does all this product placement keep happening!?
oh! its thanks to new douche brand deodarant you scrub on your scrotem
I wish some one would try to come kill me silently
Id ruin his afternoon.
Gee fucking whiz...Im high as shit.

"then he just punched the microphone?'

alone in a crowded hallway
standing shoulder to shoulder zig zaggin threw door ways
spill way on the floor
glorifing the poor old soul who dropped his change on the floor
i whispered "can i pick it up?"
he relplied
"may I."
I stood at the firing
its ok,it really is
I want my grassroots princess and enough farm to land
there no real way to describe my patriotisim,this sickning feeling
my computer goes blue screen
relif is not a recent feeling..
mouth full of milk.


what happened to my hundred dollars
I snorted up my collars of chain reaction rotor bugs
rubbing out the fast series baseball programs we lit our tire fires with
bit by the albatross of pestilance makes me wence
sit back and glimpse at a full moon dawn
at the breakfast nook I see her smile form from the branches,leaves and rain stained pane glass windows that some one used to look out of
I drink my ginger and understand how things go
lonely in the light I stroll often looking to preach
when I am the one in desperate need of a sermon
you can stand before the world but if its hard to look in the mirror then who do you need to do it for
often we observe our actions as a relentless gesture to open palms or closed orophuses
obstacle turn into places to rest and moan
Ive been running speaking from nothing but the heart
but I can tell some question these gestures
i am only human in nature
I behave the way of a hippopautimus laying in wait
a wake is what ill attened when I finally escape this dream scape im in
awak again at 4 am trying to meditate...or slow down the world
its times like these im glad i live by the pen

FREE BOOSIE:the poem

I am oragami in a meteor shower
twisting to the abscense of sounds
this abcess is drowned out by fuzzy feelings
lost conversations in the smoke clouds
not of what weve accomplished
these things Ive been
the only reality is the ink of the pen
my scribbled alias isnt worth ten grins
beautiful women
barely opened eyes,bruised and cut
smoking cigarettes while spirtuallity is discussed
this is a moment that matters
scattered splattered dots of the sun
warm rum as we stare down the foothills of golden
hardy laughter as we scale these abandoned factory walls
call after call discussing the wereabouts of a cold souls adventure into OZ
I feel at peace with the cause
the world
the frogs that signal spring by their hops in the foot hills of athens county
this is nomad country
my nose is bleeding from the gravity of these real life situations
I speak in hasty repor
I dont even have to tell her I love her anymore
but in the end
wasnt I suppose to die on the road
it seems I slipped into beast mode