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Saturday, October 15, 2011


I can feel that drink at the bottom of my spine
time rewinds and Im caught
thinking of past life
smiles wide like it was last night
I made love for the first time.
eyes trimble in deep purple and whites
and still her wish comes at
each night.
Id like to be balls deep in her smile
better yet id like to paint her portait on every aisle
of every supermarket
this side of the nile.
file into arms like we could be mild in the way we charm
each other, every comfort
my brother
would even say ive lost it
but he tumbles...
and god loves us,
im told..
so ive been sold on the thought of you since I left home.
and I saw my first blonde
she had a jaguar heart...
but you were the second
so the first
and the rest were lost
I barely even talk since I walked threw those athens nights
away from the days that would make people trace their hearts
I fell victum
to how it should be...
your my love,and Im deep in ovaries
away from me
are single thoughts I think
but I know
you create diffrent worlds for me.

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