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Thursday, October 20, 2011


trampled on mostly.
I smile and boast like ghosts dont haunt me
im flaunting an eerie symbolence of calming
other worldly peace devoid of saultry;
hip twists and dips
her lips
pressed to my ear,whispering as we slowdance around each others prior commitments

"you have to follow your bliss"-

I just wonder if shes at the end.

my best friend...

refrences are countless,
love knows no bounds
and I am a walking
leather footed book.
living on prayers and an uncomprable arrogance
thats looming like lullabies I find entrusive to a good nights jest
my heart beats sweetly as her feet tred

she was elusive for years,but deep in my head.

shes seen my fears.
I would have given here tears if I was weaker,
but I was born to be a public speaker
and to meet when need be
in lifes steps.
I find peace

these sneakers are frequent in the miles they tred
spit lines so rhythmic youd swear there was a price on my head
but i was fed lies with my corn bread,and I wear this crown of thornes as a mask intended to show nothing
the only task I was fed is alarming
and 1 part finishe.

I will die when Im 88
with 50 theives
guarding my buissness

what that entails is endless.

it pays to be intense


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