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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


2 weeks left.
theres a strange mexican man In my apartment..
no worries though,
hes fixing the light fixtures...
I want to lament to him,
tell him all my sins..
just for the simple fact he'd have trouble answering them,
I mean shit
I am.
now and then I take walks to clear my
break down weed in the bathroom of CVS's
roll doobies,and blaze until Im restless
check out the pretty cashiers with excuses to look at their chestis
just a good customer gathering names before exchanging look
& lessons
festivities are belittled by their close friends text messages
like who he be,
what he think.
what he look like
messy bitches,been hurt by to many "friends" who gained benifits
at moonlight.
tripe,I find psychotropic drugs keeps me free of never being hugged...freinds turn to fucks...some even say they
but the only thing that comes true,is zonein out/
developing new blue prints
not a bad thing...shit
lovers need touch at the in and out..
paitence with your youth or you could be overstating wishful truths..
like MOST people really care for you
lotta of the time its for the loot,
proof is in the tools I use
smiles and a good heart...and the ability to be hungry
without starving.
to need nothing but ears and an open heart,maybe a blanket
and a peice of carpet.
youll find out who your kinfolk is
just be open to the mimics,
the time spent
in limitless reformation of all you had been taught
because you learn it threw diffrent lessons
when you deduce with thought

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