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Friday, September 2, 2011


Am I all alone in this world?

27 seconds and two minutes until the neck folds


yet the king holds steady in the tumbling card deck of repoor

me more than I know

hates the child that resides in these eyes

mild acclimations of nine
maybe ten feet in which I climbed

yet she was by his side,

I am by mine,
so I rarely reside in the thought that isnt mine...

glide down the mountain side.

how DID I...

smile when the only climax was fullfiling

and restoring the rate of high taxes and clemency

experiments for the borats and climaxs of texas in regards to infancy

yet my thorax has been sepererated like scalpeled nouns

pound for pound we sell every ounce to the children of the infantry

and gang factions...maybe brain functions will collapse the asumption

my only reaction is that im bruisd up and mastering that sense of thumbin up

in that sense,

im the only cents that form dollars

feel smaller when callers come to jeopardize


labodimies start to counter my eyes and the prize their set upon

I am no brain spawn...but then again I am no sprained thumb

coming up with rhymes for lame jawns
the only explanation I haves on
dreary resignations and counter forumulated origonal spouts of wisdom,broken digits are like cataclysims
steady countin blessings like foreign convents
the only sense


that I was to clear to grasp it

as is

the only action is factions...divided up by so many lessons

attraction isnt all that is.

but its half of it

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