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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Inside of this brain is the child in my eyes
"grow up,embrace the change"
but I smile..
our redemption
I've heard,
is also our demise.
...oh If I could get lost in the cosmos
and super massive black holes
then this solitary life would spent carving words into soft cedar pine
on a desk of mahogeny oak.
stained by sweat and the emotions Ive held inside since I was 7
and I came to grips with time
starting down the baptismal alter of the old catholic church
those cathardic ruins
trapped in my spine
deep grey stone in canpoy green
kalideiscope light
and in the misma of the steam
as my brain screams,and my body is reemed threw galactical portals
it occurs to me
but you can never be strong
you can only be free

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