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Thursday, March 31, 2011

goodnight and good luck

off grid
new alias for the kids down the hall
we dont get involved in small talks any more
just smack drops of hops and brew over a bowl
more often than not Im so in control of my world that not one second misses a skip
its friviolus to try and guess,fool,your just a guest in my brain
insane it may be,but it deals not in blood stains
just pain ful misreprisintations of who I claim to be
perception battle,with the risk on top of the other name you know youve seen
Ive been thinking this over since 2003
Im way ahead of any place you thought you may need to be
its insane to normal people
but to me
its how i stay sane while in

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I cant get your form out of my mind
fresh air has cleared the cobwebbs for these smog ridden lungs
all I want to do is run off and live in a tree house in the tops of the red woods of humboldt
I'am a sinner she is the chalice I pour from
she makes me feel so strong that words are fleeting
so I stop

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I like girls who are named after australia!

Im losing my mind,im sure of it.
simple as sunshine
I gone and falled in beautiful trouble with the other half of my head
I keep wanting to write her name on everything that I own
which I aint own much,but my trust is enough to claim as a dependent on my EZ form
as long as her names just as lame as my alter egos signature
dont worry we aren't stupid about our tomfoolery,we'll get them legally changed,then start our own religion for tax purposes as
all great businessmen do...Look at Elron Hubbard
or Joseph Smith....or that Justin Beiber dude.
these days thats few and far between
these scum bags Id call cum guzzlers if I had less respect then a man of my stature MUST possess...BECAUSE IM BETTER THAN THAT...I write in all caps so the fucking GOVERNMENT WILL SEE ME!! I sail covertly with across these high i70 seas!
they already do and know where we live,where we work,what we eat,what porno you bait to in the front room when you kick everyone one out of the room for "extra time alone",or the whinebeago...or whomever couch.
solitaire my fucking nut-sack,FAKE MEN of america
just give us 20 dollars so we can go get a dime sack and some cheap scotch to knock back
lost sailor you claim to be a saint of circumstance.
little wiggers yell obsenities to the poor black homeless man
because were N****S too! they scream in their ghetto ass 2003 sedan with walmart rims and a jank system bumpin lil'flip because their other 3 systems have all been sold to some hard working individuals who only deal in cash.
In their ghetto ass pools,grill-in up some ghetto ass food with their ghetto ass 16 and preagnut girl who vomits drama because she has two idols
hillary clinton and snookie
throw in some ghetto ass jams
and you get real life,ghetto situations.
which is cool for most kids,
I respect it
It takes a brave man to take on the prison system from the inside out
clever as shit too
myself I couldn't do it.
money dosent solve hunger for knowledge
or manipulation of time and space.
it deletes it from your homepage.
Suddenly trips and learning is unavailable.
"experts say humans only use 10 % of their brain."
OK TV! documintation? pff. WHO HAS TIME TO READ!

wheres my black berry? i need some time on the toilet seat.

the downstairs dimes dropped coins like science fair projects
the ones that the kids had to much or to little to deal with
after all the walls had dripped nectar of pine trees and rested in the memories of mythology before the world got turned off to this sub reality.
inter-zone fashion parties started springing up before screenings of the newest hip movies and people became covered in warhol tattoos,dali mustachios and any style of clothing from the roaring twenties to 1992
spiel-berg becomes god and george bush is mercifully crucified to a giant stuffed bear
this is not the habitat i envisioned.
I keep thinking im waking up in different generations..then I just realize everyones as confused as me
or more in tune than me...or am I in my own tune? Have we really put a hundred babies inside of a tomb?
we are in a cultural renaissance that is as non shalant as the enron collapse
Ive had it with this charade of pig in make up facts that separates just the same as slavery & immigration are coverups of a more hidden want me to tell you what that is? jesus get off your blog roll and do some fact searching
the world is bigger than a television screen...oops clumsy screen...and in three dimensions
sweet sugaree!
tell everyone you knew me by name,and after that let us run into the fields naked,covered in war paint that is simply meant for play,we gave way to the thoughts of yesterday,but that dosent mean enemies will not drown in rattlesnakes.
Ill tell them weve shared more then mirrors and sweatshirts
that in crowded bars I watched you dance by yourself
that were always able to freeze time in moments than need to be relished
we gaze down the wells in the middle of each of our eyelids
if our car skidded off a cliff wed be holding hands and laughing at the nonsense of it
until we finally whispered good bye and gave up to the impact of it
then our souls combined and we floated off into a supernova
millenniums wed travel until we found a spot to rest
build a galaxy of our own hand in hand
as we watched our friends do it with their devine love,or by themselves,wed see all our solar system go to

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

shattered mirror ash army of darkness in gulvers travel

shit eating grin covering up that riddle beaten sentence hell bent on destroying your charecter
im supportin your _______
we all agree we all know.titty picture mail blows up my phone while I slowly destroy my left sinuses
all in hopes this will be the last morning i have that creeping feeling on my shoulder
he whispers you can do anything you want...all the consequense
but he never consoles.he beleives hes in control until hes standing on a balchony feeling the sun beat off the top of denver skyscrapers turned sububrbs for the upper middle debt that over looks the federal reserve
the devil sleeps in our streets,and those crazy sign wavers are always saying somthing
fear of nothing makes people cum in their sleep.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


domes of venus why do you lay awake
in plain veiw I notice you but few of my other brothers and sisters do
in a galgtic collapse which pockets of what pants will i have these hands in
the one with ten rings around ten saturns
pull over fare...wink...ghost
out here in the cold purple street toasts and cheers to the many dilatonts
toothless grinned and stories of sin bask in the open full mooned night
I found a girl and laid a pearl necklace around her breasts
open festering wounds on the lips of my bold faced truths
a sphynx querried by an early afternoon
more irritated by a chamelion coop
lying babboon.
wear your garments of creamy white kilts best fit for winter after glooms
never mention the carrage full of children you sold for no cost
just room
and bored axe hacks at the bossum that carried the spawn of satan you took part in manifesting
carressing a bold faced fiance for the afternoon
I was the bridesmade when the bomb blew the wedding party into the broom
a dustpan and rough handed take over of an otherwise wonderful party for


pile drive skull fuck
wild eyed night full of shit and no strings attached powdered substances
it gave us the shivers up next to the river in between 6th and forever streets
I remember when we use to bring girls here,
share booms and key bumps here
get wild in these steam filled ally ways drinking brass monkeys and trailor park hand gernades.
stare at the stars threw the equal holes in the stairs
where panties were open registers
it was as grimey as greed & gold
until the sun made us reflect upon a source.
get it alone in these sweltering cities where the heat follows me up and down side streets,
at least until weve swallowed our pride and baggies and looked terror in the eyes as laughter poured out laced by our lines which were riddled with satisfaction
smack and hash
youth is an arrogance factory,
life is an endless waltz with broken bones in sores and toes.
bongs and four bars to tote as we toked along the sheet graveled boulevard which is why we makes masks of these battle scars and why all my tapes are bootleg or from pawn shops off colfax boulevard
no straight shots,only straight fire tipped arrows,available for peircing skulls and mirror images of a souls reflection,
if you do right no one shall harm unless of course you protect the ones who are in a god ego
stop snitiching didnt start in the suburbs...but its found a way home.
a new army of mindless drones drenched in calogne with more expensive wardrobes then the trap houses and squats ive wallowed in
the only warmth and light a cell phone and the knowledge that I have a place to sleep for the moment while their mother is scared shitless their house is gonna get made.
Un corte en la garganta de los jovenes
una falla del gobierno en las sombras
vamos a estar en nuestras tumbas con grilletes en sonrisas!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

I imagine diamonds in those eyes
I speak freely about the way I teach,believe,trust and speak to those apart of a collective concience
my pandoras box is that of love and misguided proof
truth...there is a reality...fiction...I can ruin that
master of a temple with my third eye wild and rhymeing fluently
devoid of technique
chaos threw harmony
its alarming how quickly I fade
into an obscure portrait that blends all paint
all i drink is bassnectar and yell DATsSIK
and the reverbaration hits like a hurricane upon a city of tents
glimpse into yesteryears to find your proof
the ultimate undoing
is us
to you.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

miss you boys

scorching brainwave patterns...the lastest fashion on the midwest coast
I saw a sun rise... I smoked DMT and drank mimosas
we rolled up blunts all night...snorting whatever we could get ahold of
drinking water we closed the front door,exposing ourselfs to the candacent lightbulb
flickering in the smog of a misma of hash fog with the sounds of nastrodomus on the back wall.
we had highlighter eyeballs with empty ruins of whiskey and pill bottles
preception was done and we were on the stripper poles,exposing ourselves because we thought we had came threw another stargate portal
one with plastic explosives and waterballoon hand gernades that refilled our chalice till we pulled on the next vile like it wasnt a habit
you cant stand back from a flashback
you cant pile drive your hands into your subconcience and say here it is
take that
it has to be shown to you in a glimpse of extreme awareness
dont let the person next to you tell it how it is
but never forget where your path is
even if you love em



we are the
our so called tussel between war and machine
motor oil reality
slowly moving
black holes and animal blood...between knees
we need no robots

we ARE already zombies

consumerisum propoganda orgy...a mesopotamia for those above the status faction
a satus faction to know my kids have drawn their glamourus weapons
there all art supplies and musical instruments.
this is a conciece apocolypse for those involved in it
a social uproar for those in the trenches
I stand alone in this gutter of greed
"he is a lone wolf with many enemies."
I wear a headress of feathers...I them gathered from the angels who sleep with me
when ever they get a chance at least...
mentally and physically drained from the TRUTH...the love...I now see
and hold dearer to me then any thing ive ever believed.
young master,
our suburban war in highschool was a few homeless and the lower class humbums
the city jail had never been so full of heart and hussle
Ive never reflected on the fields of grass where I slept those infant years
giving my tip money to them...only to see them ghost into the night
only laughter when you convery that hurt to your friends
no understanding
with those girls and boys you were sure youd spend the rest of your life with until you left.
then again...
You never know when your ex girl friends skull is going to get crushed
your best friends life gets stolen
and mikes heart just stopped
so cherish those adolescent fears
their always coupled with tears.
just like all our parents revealed.

now my 12th grade english teacher sleeps comfortable that a man isnt crying himself to sleep in a parking lot
under the bridge.
she sleeps easy in the thought that I havent been on her television screen
or her cereal box...
she sleeps sound knowing that she taught her kids morals and to help out a fellow man...a good christan one of course.
she reflects though...on that fucker with the long blonde hair who sat high in the back of the class room..the one that the teacher he never had let teach her class..
the one that wasnt in a single school activity
and she asks
"why couldent he just have been like the rest."

so I ask

why would an educator even dream like that.

Monday, March 7, 2011

came up on a freight train headed no where I needed to be
old days turned into new ways to associate this reality
I break and strive to be less apart of the seem
but more I see that Im just unplugged from a matrix formed genius as could be
more apart of the strugle I am now than I ever planned to be
but thats my calling
Its been a weird few even weirder week
if i could be truthful for a second its everything I wanted my life to be
not easier
cheap whiskey does me fine
beautiful women with no make up who sing the blues make me smile
I used to be afraid of change
now i survive on it
i am as trusting as baby moses on the nile
im riled up and ready to wrap leather around these knuckles
step into an arena thats been since
and dance began

a little poem i read to myself every morning

The universe is a genie,a God...Allah...Buddah
it shows us how to live as others tell
Though never loose faith in the words of others.
They are the mouth peice of the source of our powers
Fear is the heart of LOVE
so be always afraid and always in love
but never let one dictate your path.
Be naked on this journey
clothed and ready for the apocalypse...or a sanwich
for the world
the words
& a warmth
some describe as GOD others The DEVIL!
is among us wether you trust it or not
be observant of both names
trust your head to the energy
because YOU
like ALL
Shall forget
be blinded and scorned
tossed into an abyss of vanity and every worldly possesion you wanted to afford
never forget the roots of your tree
never put a golden calf in front of me,your brothers,sisters
or yourself.


These pirate missions are getting old
im drinking beers in the kitchen with all my best friends ive never known
I see them come home...tired and underestimating the gravity of their manifestation
and the weight of the world.
I do too,but I keep pushing threw alley ways and dark streets lined by the moon
death and gloom apropriates its stance...blank faces...long drives
Im standing on the clouds dancing naked with billions of beautiful women
im not winning,nor am I lucky
I am in control of my own destiny.
I am a lion treading this sea
wide eyed we make are way threw these athens nights
those columbus days
these charlottesville dusks
all in a denver mindstate
huddled by the fire of a bic and warmed by a bottle of reserve
a bullet threw the temple of rewards
Ive been poorer when I could afford the world
ive never been as rich as I am now
I give my love to the source
and to the mountains of course
and to my certified interprative guide whos name is not important at the moment

Friday, March 4, 2011

to a pal

If I were to adequatley disect my life into a serious portion of time
my mind would be laid waste as if I had never been high
the disguies we wear says nothing to our charecter
our hearts speak little to our actions of valor
but youve never seen two more beautiful individuals
as charesmatic
and sad as these two
I swear
this girl is what my minds eye developed over time
shes become the most beautiful thought in which I tend to reside
I want to save her from THAT life
the one weve lived.
endless hours of benzodiazepene blitzenkregs
car wreck after house arrest after court after making ma and pa feel like shit
I get it,I always have
if you want somthing dont let even GOD step in your path
my eyes
wreckless,wild and desperate i leave home to find you could neverescape being you
hours in colorado jail cells followed by hours of house arrest
but I set up the trap...pharmecudicals washed down with jack
crown royal black.
blunts kept me sane...but the piss tests gave me away
I swear youve never been to where Ive been...but youve seen it all the same way I have
so tonight as you rest your head on that lovely matress
remember the groud is a soft as it has to be
and we can be anywhere in the world..wide eyed..looking to the tops of trees
splattered in sunlight
you and me

Thursday, March 3, 2011

I find myself falling asleep in a past life
I was as honest as a Denver man can be
with half a brain, a roomkey and a whole ki
a nation of pirates who we ride with who sleeps in your city streets
dirty,dusty and on small doses of what ever our heads need at the moment
no chromotosing...youll never wish to live so long
beards growin and your listening to the same dead song day after day
because its the only alone time you can ever get
blessed be the boy who comes in ragged clothes
scripture dosent even do it for me any more
ive stared down the lord and the devil and ive breathed a thunderus roar
boats exploded down in the river quarry and the sun quickly was drwoned by the storms
summers lonely blues
dark purple hearts of tours and acts of heroisim and noses full of heroin
Im near and trimbleing...close to the moons radiant glow
ripe with anticipation and hope
the night wont be like most...
the next smile may come with tears
its hard not to be yourself out here
city lights
bookstore after cafe full of pretentious critics and the driving force of earths
we grew up to stand tall and knock down these barriers but I find myself on facebook
or playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in time in ps3
because I feel like I have nothing better to do..
oh these days in houses are strange
no adventureing...drained from looking back and forward on the upcoming and past days
trained in the way I should think
on a never ending GO of time and theatre
we are creatures of a deep blue sea that is suspended pat jupiter and distant starscapes
breaking hands on the old the keyboard thats missing an s
a body that drank to much the night before
expolsion from your first bars
fell down some stairs
I think my lifes become a palinuck book
i think I dispise charles manson even more now
I cant...fuck it i want a god damn cigarette.


trade winds blowin
i think the eastern sea boards done with me for the moment
first pittsburgh,convuluted?
But heads need to converse over army of darkness and menthol cigarettes
faygo and mario kart
64...fuck that double dash.
Ive been in a bubble hash coma
stressin about livin
when all i need to remind myself is im 500 miles out of every major city
modes of transporation are at my disposal and im delivered
thank you GOD for letten this sinner sin
and after dinner,which will be the best one ive had all year
lawyers first...politicians second
I let the smoke bellow from this twirled up moustache
I wa born on a war path

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


drank everclear,
sunkist and pineapple juice
smoked reds and veiwed david lynch shorts
we talked about future,
our generation
and our favorite cannibus at the moment (blue dream)
smoked camel wides into these brisk ohio nights
the bar habit occurs to me...
as we break into budwiser in the morning
ive been writing all day...but nothing really of importance
wendys,(other corprate name)
these american days are the FUCKING same across the
united states
im irate as i swig back and veiw
zach and lou
they remind me why i love this life..why I live my time out for
Austins on my mind?
i may be in Denver by sunday.
i may be at the white house by morning
protesting my education and well being up to this point
living off guadelupe in a co-op
standing on 16th with "the end is near" scribbled on cardboard
im so fucked in the head
I NEED another joint (blue dream)
want IT to become legal because i know the consequense...i know the outcome
thats when
I wake when the movies done
one of the few hours of my life when I can become lumber
im limber in the day light
full of mumbles
exposing trouble
rumbleing with the tough and fucked up crowd of the winter
eyes as wild as the carlsbad caverns
my senses are keen
as quiet as a coma
loads of words i wish i had yelled into the deaf years of yesterday
ripe with the auromas of blood loss in the new millineium
give me another key bump of whatever youve got
later tonight in the whore you pretend is a lover
bump fists with the guy youve been traveling with who wants to leave you at every rest stop.

its hard to be my friend