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Saturday, November 12, 2011


hercualean peace offerings of smoke
to these droolin medusas
provin every once in a while night skys are worth
im seeing movements with my eyes stiched
sippin outta dis glass chalice
seeing fragments of thoughts in the counter balance
helplessly rallying these malice hearts in patterns of tramp stamps along magnefiecence,claims of the feat..
some call it shelter,I call it promise and hope of limitless talent
back out in this red planet full of falicy,
I only have the capicity to fathom masterpeices.
preach to street brats with bleech in their anal cavity
prophicies which point to how
operate,disorientate...such great faith fate has graced upon
move in unison,found is common ground amongst the weeds
leave not death upon
or life
becomes breif
What the MAFUCKIN problem
me and my chariots frolic-in
treatin kids like models
smashin mandolins over bashful
straight mobbin em.
such sins may offend ceartin EHEM
in reality they should comend that these tactics that have been recently implimented
and marvel at how easy it gets lost in the divedends
listen in
or learn how tragedy is just an act of fate sneakin in
even when
mimics are like synics and or systs once you gig em you must drain them
out of commishin or deal with
fame is
if its the only thing you came here for
bore me with your stories of your mansions or your chains
and toys.
boys and girls be filled with no regret or
training for deploy.
material things are simply only skin deep
fevers that will burn out with each brand new alloy
reasons over logic is frivilous in several causes
take pauses and seek accomplishments
compliment those you love and
seek hands to help you up
this is not preaching,but just a plee from your fellow bRUH
Im havin a bad day too
lets try and end
that sadness,
radd to the
in this earthly palace.

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