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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

face life

save the small talk,I found the fault in all of us
sprouted love from cut lips,broken wrists hanging on
these shattered bouts of agression have left an impression on
my cerebral cortex...
depression is a lesson in manifesting your destiny in the
truest sense
senseless acts of violence can befall such a hand...the one that feeds you
yet its in your command
by god its your demand
and where you land,to hell with the parachutes
Ive seen fathers lust over graves,I cant bare to see brothers befall
such small reasons,at least in the grand scheme of things
each season dosent bring fall.
appaled at the scope and
the strucutre
the infastructure is ruptured and on the verge of collapse
perhaps this is all preluding...perhaps its the institutions
or perhaps were doomed to repeat history
again and again
and again.
because in a hundred years from now my grandchildrens children will
be blundering idiots with no sense of self
of course this is without our help
for whom the bell tolls
the death toll will raise
I was fuiled with hate
and anger
now Im just in awe of the supremacy of the sway
& gentle motion of positive energy
and smiley faces
how they can rain on such sad parades.

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