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Saturday, October 1, 2011


Im growing weary of this destitution/
the only resolution is ceartinly no solution.
truth is im swooning to this recooped restitution,
but this time theres no roofies to get me threw the mornings and afternoons...
foolish but regrouped.
I started heaving out frantic sentences relentlessly.
it hinted to my well being and poor taste during autopsys
to say the was the least we could do.
loosely regrouping in diffrent latitudes ,I hoped of procreating some sort of movement
constiently reinstating to my drinking buddies that Im going sober with no hesitation.
jubilation or even proper dedication to what it all means in the grand scheme of things.



thought provoking and trippy

shout out to the editors for pointing out my failures so lavishly

I hinted sarcastically as I redefined blasphemy with ink
dont even blink'
these are moralless high seas we rolled so hard on
planting seeds we see deceive
well being for sexy features and collages of true believers.
loathing of the calamity and the road rules omage to street sweeping
which goes on prohibited by those in badges and bandanas
only problem is THE unknown,so good deeds go unnoticed
catastrophey for the ego
call it the artist blues

go on. keep moving.

it is ceartinly a sign of what to dos

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