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Monday, September 12, 2011


trashtalking drunk with a punk mouth
spinning adjectives on a couch
kid from the south...loud...brash...rash decisons,scissor wisdom
splender,grim grinning with trippy enuendos...blowin endo..tissue deteriation in
cavitys in the head, grimey do you wanna go?

but then again what is it that makes a man;
what is it that makes a woman?

theres no more words to right

no more lines to draw

a few more times will sing

then the walls shall fall.

it was the call of the wild,
the whole while I was out.
I hadent seen old friends in months,all the new ones were tripped out
it aint easy making the transiton from class clown to cash cow
sometimes you end up in somoa with tape over your mouth,
or in denver
on a tale of two couches
truth is,you have to continue to keep rolling,sometimes the most logical act is to give in to emotion.

if you cant go back
you cant stand still

if the thunder dont get ya then the lightning will

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