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Sunday, September 4, 2011


he watches porno on his mobile phone
on the low though
his devious laughter is why his face is plastered all over town
dead or alive reads the sign...50000 dollar reward for his spine
hords of bounty hunters scower the city slums for this wretched scum
the only realization is that they may never find him
outlaw on the run.
guns twirl & bullets dance at the tip of a hat
you can find me at dillons fence walking along next to it
laughs as casual as breaking down at a funeral
lines of trubadours,
stupid whores,
the marine corp.
and ruth buzzi impersinators storm the door
we fall to the floor doing our best impersinations of victims of foreign wars
glory fades and the red dawn washes ashore
more and more I realize that were all to afraid to be more
but all to ready to become bored
when even action is mightier than the sword
oh lord Ive seen the devistation that war lords give in to
that for warned destiny that evil is glued too
faith hates truth
and on top of that the sky is a hazy blue,the misma of the city speaks to me & you
please be kind and rewind what were doing
for I feel as though no one grasps the scope of our loathing
As I stand by the skeletons in pearl necklaces and diamond earings.

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