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Saturday, October 29, 2011

elegant cosmos

elegant cosmos
keep your fables to a minimal,im figuring in the lavish things she spoke of
to mention,
it was all before I breathed out a cloud of lightning bolts,decided which coast to mozey on down
focusing all my energy on becoming the toast of the underground
but for other words,
im in another world
a ghost to my best pals for now
lay down..we're
finding allies on the road,
hopes of a technique so sound
I gave my self to the currents and Ive been washed ashore by those who were shown
better yet given a taste of
to new retribution of geometric ruin
economic institution
out loud,proud words found a home this mouth was ment to roast
individuals whos minimal convictions are simply traits of addiction and to cope
I spit riddilin,keep focused on my lip quivering
splintering off into seperate passages,I find hope is here again
mister,figure in thoughts of fissure
you get bigger in ego
limitless in the way I approach the truth,
I still,to this day,havent found one I love quite as much as you
poof...the proof is in the magic of finding my way to your doorstep
Ill be standing outside strumming a mandolin
daring you to share these steps
combo,now losts in the elegant cosmos.

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