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Friday, October 14, 2011

as she wimpers out giggle symphonies
ephiphany orgasims that parade threw centuries
this brain is contempt with visons of her innocence and revelry.
...then comes misery..and were days apart..simply living...
so I nod off...&
I spell GOD
with gasoline
in front yards.
smile as the night silence is broken by the fire department
pretty women always tickled the arsont in me
I saw say the least..
spare parts,
long talks
bong rips &
odd jobs.
jaw off
when small talk
cant cut off
those raw thoughts.
I break laws
I cant stall
my balls dropped
a toast to these thoughts over cannibus smoke
& old love notes..
a decades worth of memoirs both fleeting,flowing
full of fuzzy feelings growing older
thicker than theives, I tell yuh/
and yet no,not anymore.
mistreatments,resentment,greivences and contempt for what was bore
not on this side of the fence...well some of it...but I moved on from that..
pasts can be sad,
futures can be all youve ever lived for
.trust that says the voice in my sternum...but Im not scitzophrinic,just a tad excentric and departed..
rejuvinated recovering christian...son of two ministers...
aint that a bitch...
but shit..
your dear johns will always be a few months late getting deliver
on every address you try to find where Ive been rumored
because its hard to keep my feet planted anymore.especially when Im ecstatic to be doin it.

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