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Saturday, November 12, 2011

fine dining

the smoke billows from this old cannibus pipe
I cant help but feel alive on such a night like tonight
at times I find the desire arent of the leaf but the taste of fire
wire tap to wire tap I hear ten digits offer centerfolds
and smile louder as the counter measures break
and are placed gently in the bellows
my slow roll is stunted by the alarm of thine undertones
who beckons for the generation of graves left hanging on the gallows
brave young minds tormented by collapse and radical fathoms
the facts? the broken focus is written in the breaks of the stanzas
heavy hands spin heavy hearted banter
fellow mantras fell in order,but the luminescense spoke its cander
and like dander the generation moved with each scratch and dance step
gobbling each scrap like a one legged lab rat
mathematical attractions spoke facts but left paths factioned
for minds to spin like rollercoasters and battle axes
raddled blasts found sound reason in the logical deduction of mass
reducing outcomes
but greif of the soul told no lie that could exact the facts
saturated by the nuances our young hero stepped back..
then took his time dismantiling each camp...
rebuilding them seizure by annurisum.
**watch your back**

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