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Monday, June 28, 2010

rappin' and socio economics

I'am so tired of rappers not getting the credit they need. Young money to me is the mcdonalds of rap,its everywhere and its only good every once in a while. The fact too that Jae Millz,the most untalented of the group,can come out and knock on these youngsters in the game makes me ask the question that freddie gibbs did,"who the fuck is jae millz?" Though I know who he is,and I know why he did it ( he released a mixtape shortly after blabbing his fat mouth) I think some rap battles are in order. Why the fuck did that end? Instead of a bunch of kids arguing about who their favorite rappers are,lets put them all on stage and KNOW who the best is. Drake,to me,is a joke as well. No canadian with a texas flow,who was on fucking degrassi,should be respected for anything else than his ability to play a cripple. The pure fact that Curren$y da hot spitta has been rapping for YEARS and hasnt gotten any respect attests to Young Moneys shitty ness,if Roc-a-Fella is willing to sign one of the best lyricists in the game,why wouldent YM release his shit? Well, Lil'waynes ego is far from little. Though curren$y has a monotone flow,hes more imaginative than wayne will ever be. Now please do not get me wrong,wayne is one of the best of all time. He hasnt written a lyric down since 2002,which is astonishing to me,because the others who do that (paul wall) cant even make a quality song anymore. His imagination with beats is increadible,but still, if you want to be the best you must surround yourself with the best.
Now to the real reason Im writing this. Mr. Future house hold name Freddie Gibbs,is just EPIC. He has the dirtiest flow and smoothest delivery Ive heard since milkbone,big L,pac & biggie hit the scene (yes milkbone) He dosent have to lie about shooting people all the time,though hes not above letting you know he will. Anyone who made it out of gary indiana and isnt a jackson is a success story in and of itself. I grew up in suburbia most of my life,with a few years in the little mexicos of Texas,but nothing like a 60% unemployment rate where the main addiction is survival. I thank my God every day to be blessed like that,but when I hear REAL mother fuckers, talking REAL shit,that makes me wonder why their swept under the rug.Though I understand hes only been going at it for 5 years, it took until he and Skee released a tape for people to recognize. This guys been fire since live from garry! Ever since he graced a decible hes been one of the best to do it,and to hear rappers who i couldent point out in a line up,ask who he is,is like Joey Harrington asking who Troy Aikman is.
Rap is full of no bodys today,and Soulja Boy is living proof that you dont need talent. So all this begs the question,is rap counterculture anymore? Its so mainstream that the little blonde girls at my highschool can throw up the B's and Crip walk. Its scary to think that these girls dont even understand that these are peoples life,and what you see in the main stream is deeper than having a shirt with tookie on it,and being a gangely white fucker. The utmost respect needs to be shown to gangs,and realized they are just a part of life,like the police or mcdonalds employees. Im not nessicarily promoting that people go inlist and blood in,but fuck,with todays education system and economy thats unfortuneatly what some kids have to turn to. So fuck that beef shit,that shit is played out;and fuck jae millz for running not a thing but his mouth,because after a decade in the game i can only imagine how soft he is.

i'll get better at this blog shit

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The follies of sports

I'am an angry sonofabitch,and for that reason, fuck blogging. Now that my anger has subsided,let me tell you somthing that makes me want to hurl kitties off a bridge. For years the NBA has been,just that, the NBA. Since the day of my conception the Lakers,Celtics,Spurs,Rockets,Pistons & Bulls have won every title. Now being a Mavericks fan,the simple thing that can be said is "Dr. your just jealous." Well no? I understand the complexities of building franchises and teams,and my lovely horses have been to the finals in the last 4 years. The thing that urks me is that these teams are expected to win,so at some point in time,they will. Being that they are in the biggest markets (texas is huge and people all over the state love all the teams,almost equally) the NBA NEEDS it this way. They have to have Los Angelas win.
The biggest sign to me that this is so is the GM of the memphis grizzlies, Jerry West (or the NBA logo) He traded Pau Gasol,argueably the second best euro of all time,and only behind Dirk because he's been an MVP,for first round picks. Now sure these first round picks may some how come in handy,but their going to be at the end of every draft! You might find a gem,but its more than likely you'll get a solid role player. The C's and Pistons are different,only for how short their glory has been in the past twenty years,but still they get names,and why? Because of traditon,and what hangs in the rafters. No one wants to go to Toronto,in fact,why haven't they become the Sonics yet? The poor city of Seattle has a beautiful arena,but just because a bunch of rich fucks from Oklahoma wanted to move them they did. The Thunder(which is an awful name like the Magic or Heat(how can you be a heat?)) is going to be a top teir team pretty soon,which you can argue goes against my point,but no it dosent,the Sonics were extremley succesful in the 90's,and the city of Seattle has been robbed of laying the ground work to this team.
Now onto the Bulls. Where to begin? If on july first the derrick rose's land Lebron...I'am the first to say their will be a Space Jam 2. Then I will be the second to say,they will get Amare as well. This attests soley to the fact that,yes,bron bron is the second coming of MJ,maybe even with a better skill set. Joakim Noah is a winner,plain and simply,and will win again. Luol Deng off the bench,or at 2,is just scary. Ive been praying to my Manute Bol teddy bear that this dosent happen,but I have this awful thought that it will.
I'm getting to angry and need to go beat off.