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Saturday, November 26, 2011


some times the most pivitol moments are digital
rituals become stipulations in relationships when meniscule feelings are foreboading
I was roaming the streets of Athens one morning when I realized I loved her
and that the whole experience was foreshadowing...but what...
as maddning as it seems,I felt my actions were extreme
I simply had to evacuate the scene...for my say the least...
god complexes manifest in those with improper philosiphy...philianthropy...
beleif and moral structures, and true realizations of being
treason of ones own soul is as low as neglect of kinfolk,untold troubles unfold
Ive learned first hand,but they know I take these footsteps to become a better man
to become the sensai I as a boy longed for...but there were countless souls who helped shape and mold...and there will be more...tis a blessing an' a curse..
first off,off top,my motto used to be stomach rot with cough syurp and anti anxiety
drugs,no hugs,the love came from the perscriptions I hid in the candy jar atop my dresser drawer...fucked up shit is I had it since I was a kid...full circles will twerp that old mind a yours...send you to go blow more of mommy and daddys income they worked so hard for..
fuck it..pawn the stero...
pawn the drum kits,laptops & televisions. skip your online classes.
diffrent cities can be full of children just as lost as your head is
some lose their "ours" or "mines"
mine was a struggle of the mind.
time after time I speak realitivly sound sentences,but in this brain theirs minutes when I feel I could be in peril of giving in...
getting up was a struggle...even when the skyline of the city that I find peace in was the only thing in my eyeline...I honestly went to the mile high to die...but threw that I found life..though that was the road...and though it isnt much it is my home...the place where my soul is free like the albatros...gliding with his interlocked wings atop the jet stream..or if these walls could scream
theyd tell the story of a man with nothing but time on his hands
comprising a scheme that could be the end of him
but then again,it all ends...and to have some control in this life is nice...but to live it like youve never seen daylight..well...

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