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Monday, October 10, 2011


I day dream pretty women out in C I N C Y

while sailing/

inbetween sentencingssss...

I chase I was only drivin saleen(z)

talk about failing,

Im so rich you can taste me...

fuck your reply,

here is my statement:

mind over maitenence

love over bank statements.

couchs,condos & shacks was what I was raised in,

a toast to all these days spent waitin..



...I can tell you what the buissness is,

better yet I can limit it...

I been countin divedends

spinnin them like synonyms

in and out of sentences

killen em relentless..


can you tell me what a good artist izzz..or better yet how you figure it...

I been getting grimey-ist

rhyming,with my timing split

impecably reenacting all these past poets rhetoriccc

flowin with the currents much so it gives me chillllls

on and off coasts,like he must be a fuckin ghost...shout out to the souls with hearts full of smoke


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