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Saturday, October 29, 2011

ranger danger

The loss of a game can feel so great
expectations crumble with all these ball fours
I slide into bouts of depression while my
friends wander silently thinking
"theres always next more strike!
Ive heard it before.
Im finding out how a true fan is born
I have my Larry O' Stanley
my full hand of 'Boys awards..
but dear lord,
oh why
do you elude me world series,
why must my temple be baron
why must Josh pull his groin,
why must Ron pinch German
why couldent have CJ won the all star game...
these questions and more,as a whole winter looms
devoid of the association
I guess I have more important things to do
then cheer to loose
but Ill never give up,I believe we can win
the metroplex will only come back
daps and pounds to my kids,lets get some key free agents
get back to work

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