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Saturday, October 8, 2011


low and behold
these demons are my own
loan me another dose...just one more

get from round here!...or shut the door..
you going down with me?

theres room for one more.


These demons are ours!


lets hop in the car,drive down the week,its not the same anymore...
go nextdoor...spend a year below the the scene
gloat,shine...grow...its getting boring...lets go,lets go,lets go.
down the interstate,new faces,same vices,smiles for these BETTER FRIENDS,longer nights...lets blow,lets blow. let it snow,let it snow...get that boy in here,hes friends with her,you know the white girl.SPEED IT UP,slow it down...I was reborn...

lets fuck,

take off your clothes...or I mean I love you (?) lets...well yeah take the words and go

let me know,cause Im not sure...I wasnt really aware of love,but I like your warmth,I like your soul,I like the colors in your eyes,and the way you smile...I also like her,

those curves

crushcrushcrush, cut up the lines,piles file into my mind,wild desires pour out of my crooked smike,snort,cough.snort. rolled up bills I stole...back to the drawing board...back to the store,more condoms...theres never enough contraceptive anymore...its hard to trust the people your not sure how you met,or what their intentions are...

far from the mountainside,front range counter thoughts...I had known from the begining itd have to begin where it started. Snowy steps that spoke to millions of last Im aware,

and clear of heart.

ill be mile high by morning

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