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Wednesday, December 21, 2011


champagne snowfall on this capitol hill apartment
christmas in the city.
ghosts roam the park,
my heart is a bubling cauldron
cigarettes are inhaled by counterparts
and the stale thoughts I keep thinking finally get blurted out amongst the coughs...
this mouth,
my greatest enemy.
these fingers,
the accomplicess that lead...
feed me..
sea to sea,
jesus...sway me
I cant complain
my midwest darling is a mermaid...strange,I can barely swim...or break the waves
friends and realitives all grow up quick,me ive been the same since the gardens kinder...tender in love...
ill tell the story of why this makes since...what it means in the grand scheme of thinking.
as for now I wence,and dig my back into the ground for more footing..
Ive seen the effect of bliss
shits a trip
the only fear I have now is my trembiling lips
that theyll betray me to the only thing thats ever been worth thinking
lately she invades each synaptic relay
in the most beautiful way
I see her in the foliage
but such is the
scheme of things.

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