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Friday, September 23, 2011


clandescent light showers shown bright from the cavernous cadavors
it had been hours since the city had devoured our athletic prowiss
we had our wits about us,
but our heads were spazzing
i felt asmatic,
on the verge of anxiety attacking
but with no real targets in mind.
this scene reminds me of a paradigm
bells ringing from time to time...and yet
as if my tithing had made sense,
the science surrounding my thoughts left a kiss on this breath

respect the rejects,interjects my soul

eyes surround and twist like a whirlwind whipping from the southwest
open mouth.closed heart
.dialated iris
memories distraught,
as if we had memoirs of crotch rot
distrust had been mentioned by our counterparts

this life is art.

so it is what you take from it

the smile from my eyes speaks to the miles ive been hoofin it
green pastures and stalemates with book talk for the mute
and unintrersted.
having to adiquate and make up for these intellecutal binges
wasted brain waves and shattered sirenges...
fact is the hurt barely fazes wisdom,
waves roll by unpreturbed
disturbing is barely even scratching the surface

but more and more
I dream of her

lord if I can learn

Ill sing the words that could bring down this fortress

fort nights


it springs right into counter balances.coexsistance,for instance,it wasnt until tonight that I realized my mind was a labryinth,full of mad hatters and alices
down in the rabbit hole where I left my soul up to chance

I feel the gravity

I keep her in my thoughts like the most perfect memory,oh devil,
get from me!

my back bone is hungry,and the night skies humming
this digital landscape is life altering
& humbling.

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